Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gordon Bennett..

Yes, Gordon Bennett so to speak. If Gordon wants a thick head with a thumping ache he can have mine for free. Seems last nights visit from the girls up the street created more casualties than me. Bumped into Karens daughter walking the dogs to be told her mam fell asleep in the kitchen when she returned home. Left the lights on, left the door open and generally just crashed. I wonder how Jimmy felt when he returned home from work. Leanne's new dog made his presence felt last night, with a wee puddle in the living room. I'm so pleased he's only a tiny dot of a pup. Hamish, and boy does he look like a Hamish. Scottish terriers surely can't all walk like him, he has the queerest walk, somewhere between a knock kneed swagger and a drunken stagger..... Bless him.

Been round Mams and done a few jobs. Obsession with leaves seems to be in fashion around the bungalow. Had to sweep more leaves today, then hose the crap away. One must keep the peace.

Carol got one of those Nintendo DS thingies, but the bad news is we have those brain trainer games. I dread to think what'll happen when me and Monster go head to head. Never mind, "Are you smarter than a 10 year old"...she's only 8. There must be a cheat function on the web. Might be my only chance at saving face.

It's a chill night tonight, I don't even feel like phoning Bob about going out tomorrow night. Maybe next week. Roll on bedtime.


At 12:06 AM, March 19, 2008, Blogger AllyBally said...

Who is this Gordon Bennett and what's he done with Cheeky?

Your poor wee bat's feeling unloved again... I drop in every so often to feed him a fly, but he wants his daddy...


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