Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still here

Hi all, yes it's me again.

The above photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at Wynyard. The old railway track has been turned into a walkway, and me being one of the few undead creatures that enjoys the countryside in daylight I dragged Carol along for a few hours of fresh air. Believe it or not Ally, just after this shot we witnessed the spill of blood. Carol saw a rabbit in the next field that was laid down then wriggling around, twisting and turning. When we approached the scene the actual actions of the rabbit were being forced by the jaws of a wee stoat. The blood thirsty creature had the bunny by the throat and was quite determined to drag the internal vessels across the field, and finish off the attack with a late supper for the family maybe. Oh the joys of Mother Nature. Carols reaction was to approach the scene with arms out stretched and screaming. To anyone but those present, the scene resembled a mad woman doing some bloody dance to warn of the evil creatures of the countryside. I just shouted " Where the bloody hell are you going, get your arse back here" The reply being "I'm going to save the rabbit".
"It's bloody throat's been ripped out" rang out from my delicate voice box, then I just thought SOD IT....

On the return we came across these little blue/purple berries on a row of trees. Now don't call us alcoholics but Carol shouted "Sloe Gin". Meant nothing to me, but to her it was like finding the golden fleece. I even had to eat all the sandwiches just to make room in the box for the sloes (not a problem). With a box full of the fruit we made our way home. Carol dreaming of freshly made alcoholic Sloe Gin, and me dreaming of letting her taste it first, just to be safe.

Tonight Carols brother and his wife popped round, the wife bringing a bottle of red, and me being forced (cough cough) to partake in a drinking session. Not too bad at the moment, but I'm sure I can open another bottle without Carol knowing, and let her believe it was left over from the visit.

Well that's two posts in a row, wow I'm getting good. I see my Orkney goat fearing friend has made contact. I'm so pleased the Wee Lassy is still up there looking down here, at us looking up there at her looking down here, at us looking........................I'm confused now. maybe too much of the red stuff.

Oh, talking of the red stuff, I went to give blood tonight. Sat for 45 mins to be then told the temperature was too low and we had to cancel the session. Me being me I went next door to the Oak Tree for a couple of pints. And to think Carol got quite concerned as to where I was. Ha ha, she thought I might have fainted. Me and blood must not to be meant to be separated.

Well tomorrow is the eve of Xmas, I wish all my friends and family a good one. I'm sure I'll do the same tomorrow night. I pray my Grandparents are somewhere at peace, and to Stan Alderson who I recently sent a Xmas card to, to be told he had sadly passed away in March.....May you rest in peace Stan, and thank you for your friendship, advice and kindness. All my love, Chris


At 12:38 PM, December 27, 2007, Blogger AllyBally said...

Send the one-legged duck up this way with a sloe gin for me, will ya?

Or a glass of the red stuff (wine, not O-negative)... Or beer, I'm not that fussy...


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