Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gordon Bennett..

Yes, Gordon Bennett so to speak. If Gordon wants a thick head with a thumping ache he can have mine for free. Seems last nights visit from the girls up the street created more casualties than me. Bumped into Karens daughter walking the dogs to be told her mam fell asleep in the kitchen when she returned home. Left the lights on, left the door open and generally just crashed. I wonder how Jimmy felt when he returned home from work. Leanne's new dog made his presence felt last night, with a wee puddle in the living room. I'm so pleased he's only a tiny dot of a pup. Hamish, and boy does he look like a Hamish. Scottish terriers surely can't all walk like him, he has the queerest walk, somewhere between a knock kneed swagger and a drunken stagger..... Bless him.

Been round Mams and done a few jobs. Obsession with leaves seems to be in fashion around the bungalow. Had to sweep more leaves today, then hose the crap away. One must keep the peace.

Carol got one of those Nintendo DS thingies, but the bad news is we have those brain trainer games. I dread to think what'll happen when me and Monster go head to head. Never mind, "Are you smarter than a 10 year old"...she's only 8. There must be a cheat function on the web. Might be my only chance at saving face.

It's a chill night tonight, I don't even feel like phoning Bob about going out tomorrow night. Maybe next week. Roll on bedtime.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All the best.

Well I'd just like to say "All the best". But to be honest the quantity of alcohol taken tonight sort of removes the ability to talk sense.

I just hope Ally and Freddie have had the best Xmas that anyone could wish for.

I'll just try to post a photo that sums up my feelings to them both at the moment......

I love them both be honest at the moment I feel

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still here

Hi all, yes it's me again.

The above photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at Wynyard. The old railway track has been turned into a walkway, and me being one of the few undead creatures that enjoys the countryside in daylight I dragged Carol along for a few hours of fresh air. Believe it or not Ally, just after this shot we witnessed the spill of blood. Carol saw a rabbit in the next field that was laid down then wriggling around, twisting and turning. When we approached the scene the actual actions of the rabbit were being forced by the jaws of a wee stoat. The blood thirsty creature had the bunny by the throat and was quite determined to drag the internal vessels across the field, and finish off the attack with a late supper for the family maybe. Oh the joys of Mother Nature. Carols reaction was to approach the scene with arms out stretched and screaming. To anyone but those present, the scene resembled a mad woman doing some bloody dance to warn of the evil creatures of the countryside. I just shouted " Where the bloody hell are you going, get your arse back here" The reply being "I'm going to save the rabbit".
"It's bloody throat's been ripped out" rang out from my delicate voice box, then I just thought SOD IT....

On the return we came across these little blue/purple berries on a row of trees. Now don't call us alcoholics but Carol shouted "Sloe Gin". Meant nothing to me, but to her it was like finding the golden fleece. I even had to eat all the sandwiches just to make room in the box for the sloes (not a problem). With a box full of the fruit we made our way home. Carol dreaming of freshly made alcoholic Sloe Gin, and me dreaming of letting her taste it first, just to be safe.

Tonight Carols brother and his wife popped round, the wife bringing a bottle of red, and me being forced (cough cough) to partake in a drinking session. Not too bad at the moment, but I'm sure I can open another bottle without Carol knowing, and let her believe it was left over from the visit.

Well that's two posts in a row, wow I'm getting good. I see my Orkney goat fearing friend has made contact. I'm so pleased the Wee Lassy is still up there looking down here, at us looking up there at her looking down here, at us looking........................I'm confused now. maybe too much of the red stuff.

Oh, talking of the red stuff, I went to give blood tonight. Sat for 45 mins to be then told the temperature was too low and we had to cancel the session. Me being me I went next door to the Oak Tree for a couple of pints. And to think Carol got quite concerned as to where I was. Ha ha, she thought I might have fainted. Me and blood must not to be meant to be separated.

Well tomorrow is the eve of Xmas, I wish all my friends and family a good one. I'm sure I'll do the same tomorrow night. I pray my Grandparents are somewhere at peace, and to Stan Alderson who I recently sent a Xmas card to, to be told he had sadly passed away in March.....May you rest in peace Stan, and thank you for your friendship, advice and kindness. All my love, Chris

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bad memory or alzheimers ?

Well it's been a while, and to say I'm rusty at this Blogging thing is a slight understatement.

A lot's happened since the last post, some good things, some bad and some just pure shitty.
As another Christmas approaches and maybe a glimmer of light in the posting on me blog department

( But as you can see in the past, DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH)

I just wondered what the other bloggers were up to.

I see the FlickR link on the right has been updating some of the recent photos I've taken. So maybe a few of you have been keeping up to date with the snaps from the undead.

Monster has grown in the height department as well as the attitude department, but she's still our little Monster.

Here's a shot of her at Halloween, and yes, yours truly had to do the make-up. She insisted on my back combing skills being put to use, but, as someone commented recently, next year I'm going to drag her backwards through a hedge to get the same effect.

You try telling her bald vampires don't tend to have hairdressing skills

Mam got her bungalow she so badly needed. Just a short distance from her previous house, but no stairs to struggle with. Two weeks and we had it cleaned out, painted, new lights fitted and generally done to her liking. Bloody hard work, but to see how settled she is now, it was worth it.
We all mucked in, Carol did a fantastic job cleaning inside and out, my uncle was down everyday helping me with decorating, and even Bob from work came to assist in lifting carpets and carrying them across to the new house. Mind you, the two of us with a 4 metre carpet on our shoulders brought memories of that classic film 'The Plank'

Thinking of friends, I wonder how Arry's doing these days. I hope Ally's been dropping the odd insect in, poor bugger needs someone to care for him. Left to me he'd be a speck of dust by now.

Well, the undead one's off for now. Hope to be back...cough cough. Monsters here tomorrow night, so I'll have to conserve energy before the onslaught of attitude hits.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I forgot

Oh Ally, forgot to say...."Repeat after me, I'm gonna buy Cheeky the biggest glass of beer I can find."

Then I'll think about the blog thingy..X
What with you and Freddie, the other bloody highlander.....I don't stand a chance. don't tell her

Friday, April 06, 2007

To the goat fearing wee lassy

Say "please".... Say "pretty please"....and repeat after me, "Cheekys' one legged undead duck is the best duck in the underworld, and still going round in circles"

....and I'll think about it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All quiet.

Another dull day. Dull as in the weather, and dull as in a boring day at work.
Just been watching the news, and again it just serves to provide more proof that this world is full of arses. More muggings, murders and the usual low life of society causing mayhem. The poor lad out taking photographs and stabbed to death for his camera, the teacher charged with child abuse, the internet scammers trying to con bank customers etc etc etc. I often wonder just what's gone wrong with our world today. I always find it hard to understand how some parents can pass onto their offspring all the skills of crime they've learnt.
Nothing but *rseholes... and what do *rseholes produce ???... SHITS

There's todays grump over. I wonder if 6 till 2 twisty shift has anything to do with it.

Till the next grump X