Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Monster Weekend

Yesterday started with 'Little Monster' wanting a trip out. Now don't get me wrong, I love a trip out but to be honest the way the weather's been lately I didn't think she'd want to go anywhere.

Carol fancied a look up to High Force to see how much rainfall was coming over from the hills. 'Monster' seemed keen, and so with a rather rushed breakfast and the car readied we were off.
The route took us through West Auckland, and as expected 'Monster' wanted us to point out Mary Ann Cottons' house. Seems 'Monster' is still obsessed with all things spooky.

High force was powerful, fast and bloody wet. I think 'Monster' was a little nervous of the noise of the falls, she even demanded we held her hand as we approached the falls, but once she got her bearings she looked a little more relaxed and it was us who appeared anxious trying to keep her in sight.

On the way home I wanted to call at the farm shop for some meat, and to be honest after all the rain and wind we all looked forward to a nice hot drink and a bite to eat in the cafe.

When we drove up to the shop and parked, 'Monster' spotted a rather large turkey strutting around the farmyard. Carol nudged me as if to say "watch this" and 'Monster' bravely approached, clicking her fingers and calling "come here little turkey, here pet". Now then, the turkey made a quick turn and headed at quite a rate towards 'Monster'. I've never seen such a look of horror as she fled to the safety of us, who I must add were bent double laughing at the time.
Two teas, a cup of black coffee, a caramel slice and a slab of home made quiche later we chose our meat and headed back for home. We dropped the little'n off first, got the car parked and settled down for the night.

Surprise surprise, the first phone call today was little'n wanting to come round, she must love it here more than home.
I called at mams first, and came home to find 'Monster' waiting to take Jip for a walk. With Jip in hand we set of down the burn and back up to the park. With a slide and a quick go on the roundabout we returned home. She went home for tea and I'm sat here shell shocked. A Monster weekend and all I want now is bed.

Our Father who art in heaven
Protect me from that child
She might be full of fun and joy
But Lord she can be wild....Amen

Till next time X


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