Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fired Earth

Another weekend nearly over, and thankfully the weather seems to have calmed down a bit. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Darlington doing a bit of shopping. I nearly got the camera I want, but to date I've been able to resist. I just keep thinking there's more things we need first. Hmm, maybe next week lol.

Poor wee Monster has the runs, she's stuck round home making sudden rapid movements between the sofa and the toilet, bless her. She so wants to come round, and the fact that she hasn't pestered too much shows us how poorly she must be.

Called round Mams to take her a new pair of phones. She refuses to take the cordless one upstairs with her when she goes, so the fact that I bought her a new cordless one with a second handset upstairs might just help. Still waiting for a bungalow for her. Clair from the council called last week to re evaluate her medical condition. She agrees Mams condition has worsened and she should go further up the waiting list, but it's still a waiting game Mam doesn't want to play.

This afternoon Jip and I had a walk around town again. We crossed the stream as last week, but this time the stepping stones were visible. Jip still ended up crossing through the bloody water, and had the cheek to give the biggest 'wet dog shake' just as I leant down to remove his collar. We got back home just as the night sky darkened, but I managed to take the photo at the top of the blog. Believe me, it looks warmer than it was. (Bless those photo enhancement programs) He came in for half an hour, but I think Carols screaming when Man United lost, forced a quick re think, and he made a swift move to the kitchen door and off up home.

Well tonight's going to be a lazy one on the sofa. Might stretch to reaching the fridge.....for a cold glass of WATER.
Yes Ally, still an alcohol free Cheeky. that's 21 days to date.

6 till 2 next week, so look out world...grumpy Cheeky on the way.

Till next time X


At 2:06 PM, January 24, 2007, Blogger AllyBally said...

I hope those "wet dog shakes" are giving you a taste for water, because it's still what's on the cards for my round!


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