Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday 'Monster'

Bloody hell, last post on the 10th, doesn't time fly.
Nightshift week this week, and little chance of a good sleep in the daylight and heat. Up today at 1 ish to get Carol across to North Tees hospital Stockton. One of those hospitals with a car park from hell. Round and round and round we went, till a space was eventually found. Seems everyone and their dog was at hospital today.
Called for tea at Yarm on the way home. One of those scrappy pub meals with about as much taste as the scruffy sod serving behind the bar, you know the sort.....the 'I don't want to be here' sort of assistant.
Popped round after tea to see 'Little Monster'. 7 today. 7 going on 17 more like.
We gave her her gifts of star lights for her bedroom, clothes and a nice little digital camera. Seems she's developing (no pun intended) an interest in photography.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh bollocks...

All I want to say is... "Middlesbrough, what the hell happened"

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Well the quick rethink yesterday morning led to a day across to the Yorkshire moors, Goathland to be precise. To those of you who watch 'Heartbeat', Goathland is the village used on many of the shots, although these days a lot is filmed in studios.
We did call for lunch on the way, funny how food always seems to be involved in my days out. If 'monster' can have a fairground ride, I can have a restaurant. The Grapes pub just happened to have a play area at the side, it always makes for a peaceful meal if there's a play area.

All 'monster wanted from Goathland was the steam train ride, but on arrival it was a bloody diesel gala day, therefore no steam trains in use.

We did the tourisy bit of visiting the sites from the series, the most important being the pub. In fact 'monster' got asked to leave, seems kids weren't allowed in the bar. She was chuffed to bits as we sat outside with our drinks, chuffed that she could watch Heartbeat tonight, point at the screen and say, she was barred from that pub.

On route to the station we came across a sign warning of a weight restriction on the bridge, the fact that monster kept looking at the sign, then me, gave one a suspicious sort of feeling.

The train ride to Pickering was a little too long for monster, boredom nearly raised it's ugly head, but a bit of sight seeing kept her amused.

That's the 'The wind has blown me teeth out' photo above.

A quick photo with the creature we know as monster, she's the one with hair.....

and it was off home, a journey she missed through falling asleep in the back of the car. Only to wake up at home full of energy for a night of mayhem.

And yes Ally, I found a church for the usual window photos.....A vampire needs his graveyard fix.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Backseat drivers...

Came home last night to a right old hullabaloo of kids outside the house, well to be honest there was three. All waving and screaming as I pulled up in the car. Now don't call me suspicious, but I did wonder if there was flames coming from the exhaust to make them all wave, I even checked me flies.
The first photo just shows how some lady backseat drivers can try to influence us careful blokes. A bloody danger to society some of you. Fr... & All... Oh dear, I don't think I'll even go there.

Shaun, the ever so careful driver of the vehicle, seemed to control the swerve with such skill and patience, can't you tell he's a bloke. Whilst 'Little Monster' at the rear just gave him one big earache, as per usual....

Well we're off up North in a min. Not so much walking today, more of a drive out. Fancy going up to Northumberland and just see where we end up. It's a bit late but we've all day. Anyway, if the worst comes to the worst, we can keep going North, and i'm sure Ally would boot the goat out to make room for a grumpy vampire

NEWS FLASH....monster has just phoned, seems there's one more for a day out. Balls to the Northumberland trip, looks like we'll be off to somewhere a little more 'monster' like. God that child can change your days direction in a split second. Yes Freddie, she can wrap me around her little finger, before you say so.
Well that was a short Northumberland idea. Thinking cap back on.

LATEST NEWS FLASH....she's sleeping over tonight, Monster, not Ally or Freddie.

2 bottles of white going in fridge, Dutch courage is a must when fighting 'Monsters' and demons.

Catch ya later, probably more the worse for wear.....Repeat after me "I must not drink, I must not drink"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nearly nuked......

Well, 'Eggs is Eggs' nearly got sent to the Blog space in the sky. Was going to delete it, then wasn't. Was going to just let it fester in the background, then decided to just delete again.
And after decisions, decisions, decisions...

...I'm bloody here again.

Had a look up to Toni and Dave's new house on Saturday night, one of those housewarming do's where everyone seems to make their way from room to room, then a quick dash to the fridge. That Sunday 'morning after' feeling was one that I'd rather have done without, especially when the 'Monster' phone rang, with a request of "can we go walking ?, Oh go on, pleeeeeease"

Needless to say within the hour we had 'Monster' picked up, Tesco sandwiches stuffed in rucksack, and the car moving swiftly towards the hills.
We only went across to Roseberry Topping, or Raspberry Topping as monster calls it. I don't think ones stomach could have made it any farther in the car. Quite a nice day weather wise, and bloody busy. Seems most of Cleveland fancied climbing 'Raspberry'. Bet they didn't feel as bad as one sad Cheeky, or should I say hungover Cheeky.
We had the usual, monster dog pat in the car park, only these dogs were taller than monster.

The next hurdle, so to speak, was the fact she wanted to go straight up the face to the top. Not the nice gentle roundabout path, that gives us poor hungover souls a break....Oh no, straight up.

That's the "we're not resting, just taking in the view" picture

Well we made it, along with a gang of loud mouthed youths. I wasn't in the mood for yobs, the cliff edge looked very tempting....for their use, not mine.

That's the "bloody wait for us" picture

The last time we took 'Monster' up Roseberry, we collected pounds of brambles. The result being a nice assortment of pies, with a jar of jam just for luck. However, she had the idea of collecting again, so trying to explain it was the wrong time of year....well...you can imagine.

We did have a wander around the back of Roseberry, just to make sure the brambles hadn't developed into spring brambles...but nothing. How dare mother nature upset my 'Little Monster'

The return walk back to the car was the usual "are we nearly there yet ?" sort of walk, but the hunt the feather game seemed to put a halt to the constant questioning.

A swift drive home, a swifter call on mam and an even swifter shower and bed.....ended a rather hungover day.

Filming you filming me filming you.

This weeks workplace events just aren't worth mentioning. Just the fact that Friday thankfully seems to be creeping up nicely.

So till next time, if there is one.....bye.