Tuesday, July 11, 2006

getting there...

Not been back long from visiting Carol. An 8.30am operation and back on the ward 5.30pm.
I must admit I feel a little easier tonight. An end to this part of the process is a big relief for Carol, especially being told the next few days should see a big improvement after the initial trauma of the op. She was understandably rather 'out of it', but still was able to pass that look of "look after the cat, or else" across all the techno machines she's hooked up to. Oh, the cat at present is asleep in the other room...and I swear just waiting for bloody 2am, to come and demand to be let out. Problem is I'm sure the cat will somehow telepathically let Carol know if I boot it out now and leave it out.

Thanks for the text Freddie. I got it at the bedside, showed Carol, and she smiled at the long distance 'best wishes', all the way from Hamilton.

Let's just see what a new day brings tomorrow, there's talk of getting her up if she's well enough...I bet the cat says the same of me at 2 in the morning. Little sod.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Love you...

Well, Carol's in hospital, and awaiting her operation first thing in the morning. Toni and Dave turned up after work, and around 8.15 we all left Carol to try and rest as best she can. They asked if I fancied calling for a quick drink, but to be honest there's only one person I want to be with at the moment, and that's Carol. It was heart breaking leaving her. I know she's in the best place, but it's been too quick for her. A matter of a few weeks ago everything was turned upside down, and I can't believe how empty and helpless I feel.
The day she comes home can't come soon enough. I'm off work next week to look after her, so it's good not to be at work, but the reason I'm off is the last I wanted.

Thanks to Ally and Freddie, I'll pass on your kind words tomorrow.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh me bonce....


Saturday, July 08, 2006

As promised...

Well I'm here.
This morning the 'Monster phone went off about 10am. Monster wanted to go to the seaside because someone had told her today was to be the hottest day of the year. What a load of @rap....The day started cloudy and cool, and to be honest it got cooler as it went along. Carol had to go and buy a few bits and bobs for hospital on Monday, and I know 'Monster ' doesn't understand, but I still got a shock when Carol agreed she could come.
We made our way to the Metro Centre. 'Monster' started well, but soon turned to the "I want" kid that I'm sure most parents know. God she wanted everything. But now Carol comes first, and I think 'Monster' got the message that she wasn't the centre of attraction today.
On the way we passed some kind of fair, so as expected, she wanted to call on the way home.
It wasn't as good as we expected, but she did win a giant football on the hook a duck. It cost me £2, and must be worth at least 50p, so 'Monster' thinks it was a bargain.

We called at Tesco tonight, and did the usual wander around the departments you don't need.
I came out with a box of blue lights for the garden. For Gods sake don't ask why, I just did....

Well that's the first attempt at attaching them to our brolly above the garden table.

I tried to take a photo of Carol and myself, but failed due to the lack of light, and the excess of alcohol.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.........more than likely a hangover..

Friday, July 07, 2006


Firstly, to anyone who still reads my blog, sorry for not posting regularly. All in one week Mam had her stroke, and Carol had her bad news from the hospital. Together they sort of drained my interest in blogging. Carol has shown the greatest courage in carrying on as normal, so what else can I do but match her feelings.

Monday is the day she goes into hospital for her pre operation tests, and first thing Tuesday she has her operation. Believe me, all fingers and toes are crossed. I pray for a better outcome than
the last visit for results.

My thanks to Freddie for the kind words sent for Carol, and my apologies to Ally for not being in touch the past couple of weeks. Myself and Carol have promised each other that we'll get through this.......and I always keep promises.

So on that note, Ally, you better get that money ready for an airing. You owe me a round of lager remember.

The latest news of old Durham town will hopefully be posted tomorrow.........again I apologise for the delay in posting. XXX