Thursday, August 10, 2006

'Arry' and the new knee

Hi all, greetings again from the grave..

Sat this afternoon in the hospital with Carol when me flippin' mobile rang in my pocket. On silent I may add but yes I should have turned it off. Anyway Val the nurse turned and said it's ok to answer it Chris. Now how the hell did she know it was ringing when it just vibrated. It was either the give away smirk on ones face, or she was standing too close. Looking at the phone and realizing it was only Harold from work, I just turned it off. Seconds later the answer phone rang, seems the poor old git has an infection now in his spine resulting in 6 weeks in hospital. He only had his new knee 2 weeks ago, oh the guilt of turning the poor sod off.

Anyway we've just returned from a meal out, couldn't be arsed to make tea so popped into a local and had one of the biggest curries I've had for ages. Now sat here stuffed and rather warm. A quick change for work tonight and I'm off to the settee downstairs. The boss (Carols only boss when I let her mind you) has called to a friends up the street, Maxine has been fantastic since the op, calls in most days and checks on Carol, but drinks my orange juice like there's no tomorrow.

Well here's to Friday night returning faster than ever, midnight to be precise. When one undead in a Honda shall be driving home to, coffin

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hello world..Cheeky here.

Yes I am still around, for all those who thought I'd retreated back to the grave. Not quite got back into regular 'cyber world usage' yet.

Carol's doing well, not as well as we hoped yet. Seems the healing process took a step backwards at the weekend. Friday saw the regular hospital visit result in a rather larger than expected piece of wound site cut away. Carol didn't feel a thing as the area is as numb as my bonce. But joking apart, when she saw it Saturday morning the anguish etched on her face was heartbreaking.
The weekend passed ok, but Monday morning concerns were expressed and we made our way back to the hospital. Again Nadine was at the end of a phone line, and as always came back with professional reassurance.
Another surgeon this time looked over the wound, and a little more was cut away. At least Carol could joke about getting smaller by the visit. I think the decision to call on the hospital was the correct one. Now a different approach has been advised, and a daily visit to our local nurse. Which I must admit I was pleased about after watching the new procedure. YUK..I didn't fancy doing that. Changing dressings yes, but that's the limit.
Well I'm sorry the blog is turning into a sporadic medical drama, but at the moment that's all that's on my mind.

'Monster's' doing fine in the Summer holidays, not too bored yet. She turned up today with a beach towel printed with 'snakes and ladders'. The one game I had before hitting the gym, was one of those ...her counter climbs both ladders and snakes, and mine drops down both ladders and snakes. God, she can cheat for England. Needless to say she bloody won.

Nightshift tonight, not the usual blood drenched tour of Durham nightshift. This one's the work one. So yes Freddie and Ally, before your Scottish tongues waggle, Durham virgins have been safe lately, and still will be tonight. Orkney ones still look out though.

So till next time, take care all...X

Oh Freddie, we tried to put one of the tomatoes on the blog, but alas the screen isn't big enough. Carol would like to point out, the picture of Steve you posted, she thought he was holding his nose.......I would like to add for the record, I'm still not getting involved.....but ours are bigger. That's tomatoes Ally..

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fingers crossed...

Well it's been 3 weeks since Carols operation, to be honest it seems a lot longer, but also nice to be here at this time, with this blog announcement....

Carol has been told that as far as they can see, her cancer has been eliminated. To say I'm relieved is an understatement.
Many thanks to all the folks who sent kind words and thoughts. All were passed on to Carol as soon as possible. The only treatment we've been told about, is the weekly check-up to tend to the wound site.....a wound site that I'm pleased to say, I agreed to dress, and do dress, everyday. A thing I feel firstly saved Carol from a daily trip back to hospital, but also showed her how much I cared for her, something I feel she needed more than anything after the devastating news was delivered.

Since the op she's taken things easy, and slowly tried to get back to normal. Last weekend we took 'Monster' to Saltburn on the train. A trip I promised her months ago. Carol agreed and took the day well in her stride.

I must emphasize, our sandcastle was the only one to have a tunnel from one side to the other. A point I would also like to make, is the fact that my kite was the highest on the beach......Don't call me childish, but I bet my last rollo it was.

There was a few kites on the beach, all guided by the fathers or grandfathers of children...Well don't get me wrong, but this son of a bitch wasn't in any frame of mind to be beaten in the kite competition. Carol and 'Monster' lost interest in the kite thingy, but call me childish if you want, but I was the best on the day....hahaha

The evening was spent with 'Monster' getting soaked under the garden sprinkler, a task she took to heart, and loved...

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Today's hospital visit was a quick check on the wounds. Not healing as fast as Carol would like, but healing far better than the experts imagined. Val, the cancer nurse, has been absolutely fantastic. A more helpful and caring person I couldn't imagine. We did see one other nurse when Val was off, but she didn't come anywhere near Val in her patient skills.

My apologies again to Freddie and Ally for the lack of interest in keeping in touch. My cyber interest just vanished......Oh and to Ian of Sausagenet fame. Many thanks also for your kind words directed towards Carol and myself.

One last pont to make................I didn't quite do the cartwheel

But nobody....and I mean nobody, was going to beat Cheeky in the Transilvania sandcastle competition.