Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blame Ally

I don't suppose anyone will read this due to the large gap since the last post, but to anyone who does reads this and thinks "Bloody hell, the undead has risen" ....blame Ally .

and before I say anything, I would like to send my thoughts for Ally and her father. I hope he gets better soon. I feel awful for losing contact with Ally and Freddie lately. But that's me, bloody stupid, and a little weird.

Now then, let me think. Just what the hell has gone on since the last post ?.

As it's been a while, and a time I'd rather forget, I'll give you a quick run down to date.

As some of you know Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer, she had the area removed straight away, but to be told soon after that the cancer was far larger than they expected. The advice given was for a mastectomy...Our world just crumbled before us.
Carol, I felt had just plummeted into a deep black hole. The tears flowed, and I just stared into thin air. All she kept saying was "she couldn't go through with it"

The operation had to be done as soon as possible, and to be honest, looking back we both now agree the speed of events at the time did help. No time to sit and think about what was going on.
Carol had Nikkis wedding just around the corner, an event she looked foreword to, but not under these circumstances.

As previous posts tell, we did a lot of wound dressing at home, the nurses called when needed, and the weeks just seemed to drag on with things to be honest not improving, in fact things were getting worse.
Whether the implant put the area under too much strain, I don't know. But one night it was made clear that things had failed. The implant had burst through the stitches and forced an emergency operation to remove it completely.
Personally, I felt sort of relieved. Don't get me wrong, not because things had failed. But because Carol didn't have to go through the awful daily dressing changes. A task I didn't mind doing, but neverless feared just in case I did something wrong.
After the operation, and after returning home. She decided to wait till after Xmas before deciding what to do...... She can wait as long as she likes for me.

It's been a while now and things have calmed down a bit. Carol has returned to work, Nikkis wedding went without a hitch, Little Monster's fine, and growing day by day, growing mainly around the mouth I may add. Mam seems to be slowly improving after her stroke. She feels she may need the aid of a wheelchair sometimes when we take her out, so last weekend I purchased a light folding one for the car. The 'L' plate I wanted to stick on the back might not of been appreciated

so I didn't bother.

Nightshift calls so I must dash. I wanted to finish this post properly, but alas time has run out. It's been that long since the last post, I just had to start this one before I gave up for good. I just hope this is the beginning of a new friendship between the computer and myself. We haven't seen eye to eye lately, or should that be eye to monitor.

Well, if anyone reads this and doesn't say "Oh no it's him again" I'll be happy.

Till next time..............X