Friday, December 30, 2005

Gyms, Hills & Snowmen...

Well quite a busy day today. Got up at the unearthly hour of 5 am and popped off to the gym, early usually means quiet at the gym, or as today....bloody empty. Seems there was only the one early morning fool today..ME.
Called round mams and as expected, little 'monster' called on the 'monster mobile'. Could she come round rather than go shopping?. No probs, so off home I went, to be greeted by a half finished snowman on the front lawn. Can't kids be quick when they want to be.
"Oy, watch the hair" Monster attack

Cheeky attack. Revenge can be so sweet.

Snowman finished, the next demand was to be taken sledging.
The local burn area was quiet actually, I half expected the usual throng of mini yobs, but and I had the hill to ourselves, well apart from the three youngsters and the bin bags. Bin bags, tut tut....we had the new super dooper 'monster' sledge, with yellow brakes fitted may I add.

Let's get ready to rumble

The bowl of hot soup was most welcome after all the drama on the slope, well hill anyway. But another man of snow was to be created in the flippin back garden before the mini beast went home.

The airport run went ok last night, Freezing fog, and more to the point freezing windscreen washer jets. Therefore the run up the A1 to Newcastle was made peeking through a rather mucky windscreen, till we got parked up at the airport and the jets thawed out. The holiday makers had a rather wet and dull time in Lanzarote, but still, as long as they're home safely.

Oh, the masterpieces....

.........and the back one

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stuffed Cheeky

Another one bites the dust, so to speak. Soon be Xmas 06', for all those with a feeling of post-Xmas sadness. Quiet one here, and rather less of a chaotic and stressed out gathering as last year.
The next panic seems to be the shopping spree, but thankfully we don't seem to have the urgency others have to bag that all essential bargain, you know the one, the bargain that ends up in a dark recess of the bedroom cupboard, only to see daylight for the first time at one of the summers many car boot sales. Having said that, we have spent an afternoon in Darlington, mainly to exchange one of the prezzies I bought the better half. A book I knew I recognised the cover of, only to find out why.....she already had it.
A quick stop off for lunch in a local pub on the way, only haddock 'n' chips, and a rather disappointing pint of Fosters chilled, the barman had more of a chill than the flippin pint.

Little Monster Goes Techno...

Shock horror....Yes, it's true, Little 'Monster' got a mobile for Xmas, and guess who seems to be getting more calls, missed calls and texts all hours of the day. Today was no exception, sat in the boozer warming me hands on the non chilled pint of Fosters and off goes the phone,

Oh hell Monster wants to meet us in town. How she thinks shopping with us is gonna be less boring than shopping with mam and dad beats me.
Car parked in town, the free use of Sainsburys 2 hour car park does me fine. Two hours is just about enough for any bloke with a fear of the hunting packs of 'bargain hunting women'.
A swift exchange of the book prezzy and off went the bloody mobile, monster was on the prowl.
One child passed between parties and off we went. Why is it with a six year old on the end of my arm, all I hear is "I want, can I have, I need" etc etc.

Snow snow quick quick snow....

Yes, it's snowing heavens high, and tomorrow's the airport run, to bring happy holiday makers home. Bet they aint so happy when they land in Newcastle tomorrow night, hahaha.

Oh, I'll have to update the Joseph Simpson blog....Spielberg just wont wait, bloody impatient bloke he is.

So don't forget to check the 'link' when you find time...and yes 'K', that means you.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

He's nearly here...

Well it's Christmas eve, I've been to see Eve my God daughter, and yes she was born on Christmas eve and she's 6 today.

Merry Christmas, Eve...
Spent a couple of hours playing and fighting off the little terror Sam, Eves brother. Sams 2 going on 22.
Well not long now and Santa will have been, If i've been good that is. Hope I get that new Audi
I want, but I very much doubt it.
Merry Xmas then to all who deserve a merry one, and My Love and greetings to the Canadian crazy lady, if she's reading this tonight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well folks, I survived another year at work. Yes, that's it, no more work till after the new year.
A swift three hours today and a swifter exit through the site gates and off home. An empty house and a couple of full bottles of red, mean a nice relaxing evening in front of the fire.

So we've been warned of the coldest winter for ten years, "Pah", it's so flippin mild here at the moment, the garden tubs have spring bulbs through. Even the bloody cat nips in and out like a fiddlers elbow, when normally at this time of year the little bag of fur is permanently stuck in front of the fire, as I am tonight.

Well, early start in the morning doing the airport run up to Newcastle. Two off to Lanzarote for a week and I'm not one of the two. However I do have a follow up visit to the airport....bringing the lucky buggers home next week.

I'll have to pop into the Joseph Simpson link and maybe get a few more lines down before the dragon gets home from work, she's on 2 till midnight tonight, all say "Awwwwwwwww".


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Updated Link..

Hi all, just finished updating the Joseph Simpson link....Take a peek if ya feel like it...

More soon...


Survived nightshift, even made the lads a curry for Thursday night. A nice chicken korma seemed to break the ice and cause a few conversations at the canteen table, instead of the usual nightshift tired silence.

Nearly done the xmas shopping for gifts, and the usual xmas mood swing has plummeted again. Why oh why does the time of joy and festivities seem so bloody bad for some.

Well I'm gonna get a few lines on the Joseph Simpson Link, don't forget to keep calling back to check the Simpson site. There's always a tale to tell in the wonderful life of Joe....there should be a movie made on his life...and what a full life it's been.

If I forget this week....av a great xmas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday nightshift...yuk

Morning all,
Just added a little to the Joseph Simpson link. It's amazing how time flies when your blogging.
Looks a dull day outside, not that I've ventured out yet. The swift departure of the cat out the back door is the only sniff of fresh air so far today.

Well last night was a shift off for me and what a nice change, not having to go in at 10 pm on a Monday night. Having said that it's going to feel like a Monday tonight, but only 4 nights this week. Next week it's 2 till 10 Monday and Tuesday then only 2 till 5 on Wednesday, so that;s it till the new year, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Been thinking things don't seem too bad so far, seems Christmas and my stress levels don't usually get along. I think last year was the worst, but don't ask me why.

I wonder if the fires still burning down south, well it'll be burning but not as bad I suppose. No ones actually mentioned what the cause was. I'll have to click the old goggle box button and see what this bright new day has to offer on the news front. More murder and mayhem no doubt


Monday, December 12, 2005

It's Isabela without the 'a'

Isabel Simpson.... a blessing to have known and sweetness itself.

"Your looking well, have you been ill ?"

Don't forget the Joseph Simpson link...

I'm back..

Well the weekend has passed and I'm back at me blog. Friday night out at Bish', a few pints with good old Bob and picked up by me better half.

Saturday at Northallerton, with the intention of finishing all the xmas prezzy shopping. Ha, no's the bloody endless thinking of what to buy who thats the problem.

Don't forget the Joseph Simpson link...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moody Blues

Hello again.. Well it's getting towards the weekend, and it still amazes me how much better I feel at the end of a week, compared to the start.

The after work Xmas shopping trip didn't really solve the dilemma of what to buy the better half, I even had to call into the Turks Head pub, just for refreshments, cough..cough.

Talking of the other half, she should be home soon, the poor thing's on 2 till 10, hahaha.
So I suppose I should be putting the kettle on for a cuppa.

Catch ya later...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It worked.

Hi all, Im still here and managed to edit three, yes three, links. I've actually had a blog for a full two days now.

Boot up puter..log on..type in blog address and hey presto, 'Eggs is Eggs' is alive still

Cold and frosty this morning at 5 am. The duvet had me in a tight grip, but eventually resisting temptation, I made me way to work.
A little xmas shopping tonight and not as busy as expected, may I add

Joseph Simpson 1994

The greatest teacher anybody could wish for....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bad day..

Another dull day at the place they call work

Why is it on such days as these,
my one legged duck goes round in circles .

Why 'Eggs is Eggs' ?

A simple saying used often by the late Joseph Simpson, one of the nicest men to walk this planet.
I can picture him now heading towards the car, flat cap lifted from head and flung onto passenger seat as he climbed into the car. The fact that his wife Isabel, my grandma, was sat in the seat made little difference.
"No eggs, the fox has been a visiting during the night. We'll have to get over to Ovington to get some". It just knew the fox and grandad would continue this battle for many a year.
"Why not just go home Joe, we'll get eggs from the shop". Oh little did we know how that question would haunt us.
"Go to the shop" shock horror...."free range is the only egg. EGGS IS EGGS".

...and boy, has that saying stuck.

WHY ???

Hi, and welcome to 'Eggs is Eggs'. The name's Chris. Some say Cheeky, and some say Cheekybaldy, either is fine as long as it's directed at me.
This blog attempt might just enable all my weird and wonderful thoughts, ideas, feelings and fears to be put into some kind of order...

...but I very much doubt it.