Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All quiet.

Another dull day. Dull as in the weather, and dull as in a boring day at work.
Just been watching the news, and again it just serves to provide more proof that this world is full of arses. More muggings, murders and the usual low life of society causing mayhem. The poor lad out taking photographs and stabbed to death for his camera, the teacher charged with child abuse, the internet scammers trying to con bank customers etc etc etc. I often wonder just what's gone wrong with our world today. I always find it hard to understand how some parents can pass onto their offspring all the skills of crime they've learnt.
Nothing but *rseholes... and what do *rseholes produce ???... SHITS

There's todays grump over. I wonder if 6 till 2 twisty shift has anything to do with it.

Till the next grump X

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fired Earth

Another weekend nearly over, and thankfully the weather seems to have calmed down a bit. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Darlington doing a bit of shopping. I nearly got the camera I want, but to date I've been able to resist. I just keep thinking there's more things we need first. Hmm, maybe next week lol.

Poor wee Monster has the runs, she's stuck round home making sudden rapid movements between the sofa and the toilet, bless her. She so wants to come round, and the fact that she hasn't pestered too much shows us how poorly she must be.

Called round Mams to take her a new pair of phones. She refuses to take the cordless one upstairs with her when she goes, so the fact that I bought her a new cordless one with a second handset upstairs might just help. Still waiting for a bungalow for her. Clair from the council called last week to re evaluate her medical condition. She agrees Mams condition has worsened and she should go further up the waiting list, but it's still a waiting game Mam doesn't want to play.

This afternoon Jip and I had a walk around town again. We crossed the stream as last week, but this time the stepping stones were visible. Jip still ended up crossing through the bloody water, and had the cheek to give the biggest 'wet dog shake' just as I leant down to remove his collar. We got back home just as the night sky darkened, but I managed to take the photo at the top of the blog. Believe me, it looks warmer than it was. (Bless those photo enhancement programs) He came in for half an hour, but I think Carols screaming when Man United lost, forced a quick re think, and he made a swift move to the kitchen door and off up home.

Well tonight's going to be a lazy one on the sofa. Might stretch to reaching the fridge.....for a cold glass of WATER.
Yes Ally, still an alcohol free Cheeky. that's 21 days to date.

6 till 2 next week, so look out world...grumpy Cheeky on the way.

Till next time X

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, "Good Morning World".
Absolutely peeing down here, just got out of bed and somehow just can't be arsed to go to the gym. There's always tomorrow.

Oy Ally, it's been 17 days now without a sniff of alcohol, but don't worry It wont last much longer so you can still release those moths.
Not much doing at work, it can be quiet at this time of year. but we were assured lots and lots of work was coming in. To be quite honest I couldn't give a stuff. When you hate going to work, the thought of finishing aint too bad. Of course if I was finished it would be different, I'd probably wish I was back. But till that happens I can just dream of not having to go to work.
Another win on the premium bonds this month, thats £100 this and £100 last month, and £150 in November. Most months now I seem to get a sniff, but alas it's not the big one to take me and Freddie out of hell.

I still can't upload photos using the upload phot button and I cant insert a hyperlink. All since installing the BT Home hub software with the Yahoo broadband browser. The only way of getting photos on is by blogging them from either Flickr or Picasa2. Any advice would be appreciated. I've even tried to reconnect the old modem, but that wont bloody work now. So balls to technology,
I'll just have to muddle through.

Till next time X

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Monster Weekend

Yesterday started with 'Little Monster' wanting a trip out. Now don't get me wrong, I love a trip out but to be honest the way the weather's been lately I didn't think she'd want to go anywhere.

Carol fancied a look up to High Force to see how much rainfall was coming over from the hills. 'Monster' seemed keen, and so with a rather rushed breakfast and the car readied we were off.
The route took us through West Auckland, and as expected 'Monster' wanted us to point out Mary Ann Cottons' house. Seems 'Monster' is still obsessed with all things spooky.

High force was powerful, fast and bloody wet. I think 'Monster' was a little nervous of the noise of the falls, she even demanded we held her hand as we approached the falls, but once she got her bearings she looked a little more relaxed and it was us who appeared anxious trying to keep her in sight.

On the way home I wanted to call at the farm shop for some meat, and to be honest after all the rain and wind we all looked forward to a nice hot drink and a bite to eat in the cafe.

When we drove up to the shop and parked, 'Monster' spotted a rather large turkey strutting around the farmyard. Carol nudged me as if to say "watch this" and 'Monster' bravely approached, clicking her fingers and calling "come here little turkey, here pet". Now then, the turkey made a quick turn and headed at quite a rate towards 'Monster'. I've never seen such a look of horror as she fled to the safety of us, who I must add were bent double laughing at the time.
Two teas, a cup of black coffee, a caramel slice and a slab of home made quiche later we chose our meat and headed back for home. We dropped the little'n off first, got the car parked and settled down for the night.

Surprise surprise, the first phone call today was little'n wanting to come round, she must love it here more than home.
I called at mams first, and came home to find 'Monster' waiting to take Jip for a walk. With Jip in hand we set of down the burn and back up to the park. With a slide and a quick go on the roundabout we returned home. She went home for tea and I'm sat here shell shocked. A Monster weekend and all I want now is bed.

Our Father who art in heaven
Protect me from that child
She might be full of fun and joy
But Lord she can be wild....Amen

Till next time X

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bloody BT

Well yesterday afternoon was spent with my little buddy Jip.
The idea was to have a gentle walk around the Northern edge of town of about 6 miles. The weather was rather wild, and with the rain we've had lately the fields were soaking. Half way round we came across the little trickle of a beck which leads to 'Fairy Glen', but today of all days it has to be a bloody torrent of flood water. Now came the dilemma Do we turn back ? or do we try and cross ?

There was a branch off a tree nearby, so that got picked up and dropped across the first stretch and onto a little island. I got the impression Jip just wasn't impressed with my bridge building skills, he just sat there wagging his tail, as if to say "If you think I'm crossing that, you're sadly mistaken". I put Jips lead on first, I didn't fancy calling on Karen with the news that I'd last seen her dog bobbing along down the beck. With gymnastic type spring (cough, cough) I made it across onto the island, and muttley followed. The branch was dragged across the last stretch of water, and the same sort of athletic manoeuvre was planned. But oh no, the bloody dog had different ideas. With one foot on dry-ish land, the other on the branch and two arms flapping for balance, the sodden dog made his move. He lept across as far as he could, landed just short of the bank and with a cough, splutter and scramble he was onto the other bank. Now then, as I said, this mug had hold of the flipping lead. With the first yank my foot slipped off the branch, and with the dog trying to scramble up the bank I just had to make the best of it and jump or should that be plodge, across. The look Jip gave me was more than matched by the look I gave him. With a quick shake he was dry, and I swear I heard him mutter "Bloody idiot" whilst he gave me the evil eye. He got one of his dog treats before we made our way home, and I got this cold wet feeling slowly making its way up both legs.

Oh the title of this post, Bloody BT. After a number of calls from them asking if I want to upgrade to the new home port thingy, I now find I can't upload photos as I could before. I now have to blog them on from my Picasso programme.
Probably some little box I haven't ticked, or maybe the new security part of the browser. Oh God knows, and if he could let me know it would be appreciated.

Why is it that when someone says, "it'll be alright", "nothing will go wrong", "It'll just work as your old one"...........It's always BOLLOCKS.

Till next time X

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ta Luv.

Woke at 1.15pm after a lovely 'post nightshift' sleep, Carol was getting ready for work and had the great idea of making me a bacon butty (she has good ideas now and then). Last nights shift started with belly ache, and ended with an 8 hour shift without food. Just couldn't face any. I'm sure the fact that your working stupid shifts each week has some detrimental effect on ones constitution, if that's how you put it. Poor Steve just had to get on with the job, whilst yours truly was otherwise engaged.

"Oh porcelain God, please be kind to me"

Must admit though, the bacon butty went down a treat.....Bless me little darling.

The gym got some hammer this afternoon, seems to be more enjoyable these days. Don't know why the membership hasn't suddenly increased though since Xmas. We all expected the ' God I need to be slim for the beach' members joining, but not a great influx yet. Maybe when the holiday adverts get into full swing eh.

Oh, a one for Ally.Cheeky's had no alcohol since New Years Eve. See even the undead can muster up a little will power. Hmm, this weekend's gonna be a tester. I'll probably crumble on Saturday night lol. It hasn't been too difficult, but Carol's getting a little tired of the New Age Cheeky......except, rather than 'HUG A TREE' Cheeky has 'HUG A FRIDGE'. the poor cans must be getting lonely in there.

"Our Father,
who art in the kitchen
Please take care of my cans.
And if you ever catch me there
Please Lord slap my hands.....Amen"

Well, I finaly got round to completing the skirting board, painting the cupboard out and generaly finishing off after the new fire and combi boiler was fitted. Why is it that when you put off finishing a job, it takes an age to get back into it. Looks like I've got white freckles at the moment, I think a shower is in order before work.

Therefore I shall say "Till next time" X

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bloody overtime.

Well Fridays score at work was 'Cheeky 0 Boss 1', to be honest when he approached with the dreaded overtime list, one Cheeky fled behind the machine and peeped over the top like a bald Chad, he just laughed. "I don't suppose you want to work the weekend" now if any question was daft, that was it. But after a bit of haggling I got the 12 hours Saturday and Sunday, down to 6 hours Saturday morning. Feeling like a champion I agreed to work Saturday, only to find out later that he only needed me in Saturday morning, but knew if he made me feel as though I'd won, I'd agree......One lesson learnt. wait till next time Dave.

Saturday afternoon was to be a quiet few hours, till 'Monster' phoned with the great idea of me taking her and her friend Big Lauren around the 5 mile circuit of town. Agreeing, both Carol and I set off with two monsters in tow. The weather was good for the time of year, but after the mornings rain both kids ended up covered in mud and crap. How, I don't know.
Someone else's kids are a bit like someone else's dog. You can take them out enjoying their company, then dump them off at home for someone else to clean down. FANTASTIC or what.

Having said that, some dogs are just waiting for a wipe down...I'm not totally bone idle

This morning started with a visit to the gym, and a quieter than usual gym at that. Seems the whole hotel's quiet after the Xmas rush, but who's complaining ?.
Called round Mams on the way home. With me taking her out on Friday, and her being out with Enid yesterday, she seems a little happier in herself. I imagine she's looking forward to the better weather and more days out.

Night shift this week, so here's to a quick return of Friday. Now I know what people mean when they say "Don't wish your life away". Not so much as wishing my life away, as just wishing the work days away.
Well that's it for now....... I still wonder who reads these ramblings. Seems no one likes the blog guestbooks. It's a pity the blog world members seem to be shrouded in a mist of secrecy. Anyone reading this who fancies just adding a few words, please feel free. I'd love to know a little more of where people come from, who they are, their interests and why the hell they should be reading all this gobbledygook.
Still, as we say here "Catch ya later, hinny"

Till next time X

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

God Bless Arnie

Firstly I'd just like to mention an old workmate who sadly passed away over xmas. After a lot of thought Arnie retired just three years ago. A lovely person, hard worker and all round Gentleman. We didn't find out of his sudden death until starting back to work on Tuesday.

I do so wish he'd have enjoyed more of his retirement than he did.
I'll be thinking of all the tales he would tell us at work about his life experiences.

Arnie Foster..A man who's help, advice and friendship at work, I'll always be grateful of. Thanks Arnie X

Well that's another year over, back to the humdrum of work. And with this being our first 6 till 2 shift this year, it's also the first tired and twisty week of the year.
Well Charlie's moved from the dept, and in his place I've been joined by Steve. Nice lad and keen to learn the job, but why the hell do they train a temporary worker up, when they also say they refuse to make them permanent. I say why ?, but we all know why, they're bloody easier to get rid of. Thing is, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as he's trained, he'll find a better and more secure job and leave anyway. You can't blame them, but I must have had half a dozen workmates to train in the past 18 months........Maybe it's me. Hahaha

OH, nearly forgot... HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAVE A GOOD ONE