Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Short blog

This morning saw one of the hardest frosts I can remember. More like snow on the car rather than frost. Bed was most welcome after nightshift, and looking at the weird post made earlier, my mind must have been in neutral...again.

Well afraid that's it for tonight, got to get ready, but like to mention the poor lad killed so pointlessly in Iraq today. The 100th to date. Makes you think about the direction blame should be made towards, but surely all blame starts with the sick, spineless terrorists, who have little feeling in their sad journey for publicity.

Take care, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

A blog before bed

Just arrived home from nightshift, and to be honest I don't feel too bad. Seems last nights blog didn't work correctly, and for me that's normal. There's many a bloke who can't blog correctly, like there's many a blog that can't correct a bloke.
To recap on what I blogged. Like most kids I loved the thought of ghosts floating around old buildings, visitations from the other side. The fact that some say they can contact the dead has a fascinating attraction for me, like a lot of others. But sadly no one has proved to me either way. Not that it's fact, and not that it's fiction.
But last night I read an article in 'The Onion' that might just have given me the answer I need.
Seemingly, that light breeze wafting past my Dracula slippers in the evening, might not be the cats flatulence. The faint childlike whispers I hear of a night, might not be that bloody ill fitting UPVC door. And that haunting fear as I leave for nightshift, might not be the fact I detest the place.

The gentleman in the article says that the ghost of Marlon Brando urged him to finish a whole cheesecake, and to me that explains everything. The times I've opened a carton of pringles, and swear I won't eat them all. The bar of Cadbury's chocolate, that I swear I'll only have three chunks.
The box of Maltesers, that ends up with that single ball rolling round the corners, only to be devoured like all the rest. This has to be proof that someone or something must be visiting from the other side....... And further more, this post has to be proof that this bloody diet is turning me mad.

On a more 'of this world' subject, It's lovely to see Black Widow has visited the blog and made an entry in the little black book. Contact with another fellow sausagenetter makes me feel like maybe going back on the forum, and stirring things up again. Hahaha. I can see a few turning in their grave at the thought.
I wonder how Widows cookbook is coming along. Now that's a marriage made in heaven, a Black Widow with a cookbook. Oh we're on about bloody food again.
Spoke to Freddie at work and it seems her shift might have taken a lot out of her. Couldn't have taken any intelligence mind you......that went on the ark with Noah.
Going to call it a day, or morning. The time has come for bobo land. So it's on with the jimjams and it's off to noddyland. X

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last week 'Little Monster' lost a tooth, a front tooth, and more importantly a front tooth that cost me £1. Seems that wasn't enough for one week, and the tooth next to it has now 'left the building' so to speak.
The poor little angel, er...cough cough MONSTER, can't speak very well and sounds quite funny. The fact that I kept asking her to say "Six little Sausages Sitting on a Saucer" didn't help.
And if you dare ask if she's been kissing the boys, it all just kicks off.

My thanks again go to Freddie for sitting and going through this Html code jargon. Never having worked with it doesn't help when you want to change things on the blog. How Lupin keeps changing her blog without any trouble beats me. And it's always Freddie who keeps me in line. Bloody intelligent women, don't you just love em...Oh and thank you ladies for pointing out some of my animations didn't work. Seems I'm doing the same as my one legged pet duck...going round in circles.

Spent a while the other day just clicking through the random blogs on blogger. I just wondered what the chances are of getting a blog you know. Either another you own or a friends blog. I wonder how many blogs are buzzing around hyperspace at the moment. It amazes me as to the varied topics on blogs, some like mine are just a bit of a messy diary. Others can be a little more of a business type, and some more of an adult theme....the adult ones just don't interest me, and to prove it I only have 124 in my faves.
Well before I go I want to put a little picture on the blog of Monsters gummy smile. So for all of you with anervouse disposition, TURN AWAY NOW.

Time Warp..

Thanks to the lovely Freddie, I now know I've been on bloody Los Angeles time zone. I know I might seem a little behind the rest of the world, but not that far surely..

Spring has sprung

Good afternoon bloggers, and what a lovely afternoon it is. Just got back from the gym and saw more people walking through the fields and country lanes, made me think maybe spring is just around the corner. Even the nights are a little longer, don't they say 3 minutes a night longer.
Gym was nice and quiet and sort of getting back to normality. The new relief manager seems to be on the ball, so to speak. Since the sudden walk out by the previous staff at Christmas, the place had been going down slightly, but all seems to be getting in order.
Left the gym to a text off Freddie, that woman could contact me at the bottom of a mine shaft. She mentioned the time being wrong on the guestbook, and to be honest I didn't know it had a clock on it. She mentioned on her blog about not wanting to know what people think about her posts, and to be honest I felt the same. If the book isn't popular or I get weird posts it'll go....might even go anyway, we'll see.
Ooo dinner's ready, I'm starving and me belly wont wait.


I've noticed that most sites have a guestbook facility available. Well not to be outdone, I now have the 'Little Black Book' for all you lovely people to tell me about yourselves... Nothing too in depth. A name, location and your opinions on my attempt at blogging would be quite welcome......

.........Donations to the 'KEEP SIDNEY ALIVE FUND' would be gratefully received.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not too bad a heed...

The morning after the night before wasn't too bad. Seems the expected hangover never materialized....so thank the Lord for small mercies.

Had a quiet day today, watched the Newcastle match then headed to the local Tesco store. I don't know who had the bigger crowd, the match or bloody Tescos. Had a bit of trolley rage whilst shopping. I can't work out just why the hell do people have to stand in the center of an aisle and chit chat......Don't they realise some people don't use the shop as a meeting venue, and just want to get out as fast as possible.
'Little Monster' phoned tonight, wanting to come and stay the night. It didn't take her long to pack a bag and round she came. The kitchen door flew open, and in she came like a little tornado. Bang goes the Sunday morning lie in.

I had a shout again on last nights Euro Lottery, and before you compose all your begging letters, it was a piddly £7.40, so can't purchase the cottage in the country with a cow in the back garden. The cow, before you ask, is what 'Little Monster wanted if we won the £105,000,000 on Friday. Why a cow I hear you ask, well seems she wants to milk it.......Bet your as confused as me eh.

Had a little mess with the blog template, but what a flippin' carry on. Why is it that I always seem to get carried away changing the code, and forget to save the altered template. The number of times I lost the lot is quite scary. I said "LOT" Freddie, not "PLOT"....you as well as I know, I lost the plot years ago.
Speaking of Freddie, seems she's well enough to return to work Monday.......

.........Hahahaha, join the club.

Well, one better make a move away from this bloody screen, feels like I've been here all night. Repeat after me, "I must get a life, I must get a life."

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bloggin spots going...

Firstly, to all the folks who expressed concern about my spots. May I put your mind at rest, and try to convince you all......I haven't got 'Bird Flu', never had 'Bird Flu' and wouldn't like 'Bird Flu'.

However, if the government are handing out the same levels of compensation as they did for 'Foot & Mouth'....I have 'Bird Flu', always had 'Bird Flu' and would like 'Bird Flu'

Just returned from a night out down 'Bish'...Or for anybody who isn't from round here, Bishop Auckland.
Since the diet, I've had one pint of lager, one glass of red and one glass of white. Tonight, may I add, I've broken all records, and the diet starts again tomorrow.
My bed seems to call to me louder than it did ten years ago, either I'm getting older or the call is getting louder.
Tomorrow I'm going to change the look of the blog. I changed it to something like how I want yesterday, but the bloody site crashed and I lost the lot. Me being a man of the world, I had too many life changing things to do, and so couldn't find the time to re-edit the template.

One must retire to the crypt and get ones beauty sleep, so may I wish you all haunting nightmares and don't let the bats bite. Till tomorrow......

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bloggin spots before me eyes.

Woke today as normal for this shift, 5am sharp and no brain in sight. Quite a mild morning actually, compared to the past few gonad shrivelling mornings we've had to endure. Got to work looking like an anemic zombie, but not a problem after the obligatory 'Rocket fuel' cup of coffee. Seems everyone had that mid week downer today, but a cold hand strategically place on Steves bald head soon got the ball rolling. I don't feel I can repeat what lovely comments came from his mouth, and all in my direction.

Around 11 ish I noticed a warm tingling on my forearm, and on closer inspection saw the biggest patch of what I call heat spots. Bloody loads of them, and the more I looked at them, the more they looked back at me.....and itched. Now then, around 1 this afternoon the normal 'Ooo were going home soon' energy peak hit, but another set of peaks were on my mind, the bloody spots on me legs and feet. By this time I must admit to walking like a constipated giraffe, trying to walk a certain way to scratch your feet at the same time doesn't do much for ones appearance. By home time at 2 I was bloody itching from head to foot, obviously something was irritating the hell out of me.
The gym was on the agenda straight after work, but the thought of scratching my way around the changing rooms tended to put me off slightly. But, as they say "the show must go on"
The gym actually wasn't too bad, must have taken my mind of the constant itch, but after a hot shower I felt as though I was on fire. My skin felt like it was burning, and only now is it calming down. I haven't got a clue as to the cause of the itching, but things hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Just been looking at the site tracker/counter, or whatever they're called. I installed it on the main blog Eggs is Eggs, and also on the Joseph Simpson blog. I added it at the weekend and just really been messing around with it tonight. Amazes me as to the varied destinations that my hits originate from. Tells me everything but the persons actual e-mail address and inside leg measurement. I can find IP address, town or city location, what Operating System being used, browser used, monitor resolution etc etc. It even gives me a digital photograph of the view from the persons monitor, so the person in Blackpool, yes you, you know you do look sweet in your 'Kiss me Quick' hat. From Blackpool to Dudley, Manchester to Winston-Salem USA, and then across to New Zealand across to Asia, with a mix match selection across Europe. Some I know who they are, and others I have an idea and the rest I just wish more would leave comments when they call. Be it good comments or bad, I don't mind...Having said that, any really bad ones and I needn't post them. Hahaha
Oh and the person in New Zealand, stop looking at that rather suspect web site.....You'll go blind doing things like that.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Latest Numan promo photo.

Well, another quick post before bed. Just booked two days holidays in at work, ready for the Depeche Mode concert at Manchester. It isn't till March 30th but still can't wait. Mates tend to say "Depeche Mode, are they still going ?"...Well lads, yep, and going very well actually. I've seen a few groups over the years and got to say The 'Mode' still have to be one of the best groups live. The night is electric, so electric that if I didn't have a shaven heed, my hair would stick up.
Been a rather uneventful day today. Work, then straight to the gym. Gym and 6 till 2 shifts just don't go together, but one must do ones best.....or so they tell you.
Tried to update the Joseph Simpson blog but came home rather later than expected, so only put a fraction of what I wanted to on the site. Check it out anyway if you feel inclined.
Going to call it a night, hope to be inspired tomorrow, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well folks, firstly thank you to Flyboy for his lovely remarks and the link towards my Joseph Simpson Blog. I feel Grandad would have been chuffed to have his life bouncing around cyberspace. Well, I hope so..

Check out Flyboys photographs, linked from his blog, very impressive.

Secondly, I'm shattered. Seems a weekend of 'Little Monster' takes its toll on an old Cheeky. The undead get tired too you know. Had a good session at the gym this afternoon, and on leaving the building a "Hi Chee" text from Freddie. Bloody Vodafone, everyone else on the other networks get a reception inside the gym, but oh no not me with Vodafone.
Spent time tonight updating Monsters blog, she wanted her new artwork pieces uploading, and to let you all know she has lost another tooth. I had to write a short piece for her about the weekend of the wobbly tooth.
I wish she could actually edit her own blog, but at 6 years old I dread to think what she'd put on. I also want control of her blog just for safety sake, you can never be too careful.

I can't be believe how much I enjoy this blogging thing, and my thanks go to Indigo Lupin for giving me the idea in the first place. I'd heard of blogs, but never really knew what they were, but now it's blog, blog awayyyy.
The creative talent throughout all the blogs I've seen is quite amazing. To think, people get paid thousands for spending time in a bloody house in that BIG BROTHER crap, and some of the most creative work can be found written by unknown bloggers.
Wonder how Freddies night went last night at the Mandarin, bet she never saved me one of those prawn things.
I think she seems to be on the mend after her illness (not the mental one, she still suffers that one...joke) she needs to be getting back to work though, give Steven a break, poor bloke.

Such a shame about the whale in the Thames. I know something had to be done, but when it ends in tragedy you do tend to wonder what would have happened if it had been left alone. I know chances are it might have suffered more being battered against the riverbank, and the number of boats, helicopters and sightseers wouldn't have helped. Let's just hope we learn something for the future.

"Today Police were called to a daycare center, where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. "

Not a very interesting post tonight, but that's it for now.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Monsters Blog

Manage to find time to create the monster blog.
She spent the afternoon painting pictures to be scanned onto the site, hence the house has wet paintings draped across most flat surfaces. Now I know how Rolf Harris must feel like.

She also put on the site, a list of targets she has to reach in the next couple of weeks. She reckons she passed No1 today, I beg to differ. The fact that my head feels like a tornado has passed through it, and is only slowly returning to normality since she went home, has nothing to do with my opinion that she has a long way to go before she passes the target challenge.

Sidney has a double chin...

All's well in the crypt today, the sun's shining outside and 'Little Monsters' on her way over as I type.
Sidney seems to be putting a little weight on, I'll have to find out who seems to be overdoing it with the diptera treats, and my money's on Lupin. There's only really enough room for a Cheeky in the coffin, without a portly Sidney stuck under the pillow.

Spent time last night with Freddie, trying to sort this flipping blog code stuff. Poor Freddie, I had to show her everything. She gets herself in such a tizz and only my calm, soothing and rather debonair manner seems to help.... ....and if you believe that your as daft as me.
Between us we do tend to sort things out, whether it's sorting out how much of a fool she thinks I am, or how stupid I think she is. Pretty good relationship if you ask me.
Always impressed with Lupins blog, seems she has the intelligence to be able to change her blog as and when she feels the need. Personally, I think her blogs looking pretty damn good. I just hope she doesn't think I'm using her ideas, especially with adopting Sidney. After all she did mention anyone could adopt a friend.
Nice to see someone else is reading my blogs. Lupins friend Gill mentioned 'Eggs is Eggs' to her, so Hello Gill, if your reading this.

Monster has just arrived with rather large pram and doll, both parked up in the kitchen. I would like to put her art and anything else she wants onto a separate blog with her own profile, rather than as it is now, linked to mine with my profile. Can't imagine her wanting readers thinking she's a shaven headed grumpy old vampire, now would we.

Oh hell, the 'creature' has spoken...I better make a move from this damn keyboard, and check on the condition of the kitchen, the pram's been parallel parked against the fridge. I can't imagine 'T' cutting the fridge.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh look, my horoscope for today. Now let's see.
You mustn't expect any enormous changes today, dear Scorpio. However, the process you began three or four years ago will accelerate slightly. You are changing the moorings of your identity, the ideas that make you sure of who you are. Your family, background, and education no longer count as much as your own spiritual foundations. Don't be afraid of this shift - go with it.

You mustn't expect any enormous changes today....another dull day at work then

However, the process you began three or four years ago will accelerate slightly....so tonights Euro Is mine eh. I can tell the boss to go take a hike today then.

You are changing the moorings of your identity....nope, don't own a boat.

Don't be afraid of this shift - go with it....take it astrologers don't work 2 till 10

Well guess who fancied a nice lie in this morning, only to have themonster phone' call sometime before 8am. Seems she fancied a little chat whilst slurping on her soggy weetabix. Bless the little child, and damn the mobile technology.
Seems the £20 top-up card I so kindly purchased for her, might come back round and bite me on my pert little bottom. No comments please Freddie.

Lupin posted a comment yesterday, about her concerns for the welfare of Sidney spider. No worries Lupin, He seems to have found his own little cosy corner of the coffin, just under the left hand edge of me satin pillow. Yes, vampires have needs too you know, and a nice plump satin pillow is an absolute necessity. The only slight, and I emphasise slight concern, might be the bats. One seems to have his beady eye on Sidney, but worry not Lupin, all seems well in the crypt at present.

All quiet from Canada, hope I haven't upset anyone....Actually, upseting might be better than annoying.....Oh dear, you don't want to go annoying Freddie. Ever seen 'Nightmare on Elm Street' ???

She comes to you in dreams

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh Hell....Sorry Freddie

Sort of promised Freddie I would be online last night, for one of our er….rendezvous. You know the kind, a crazy lady talks gibberish and I have to try to put her right…..something I don’t think medication could do. Anyhow, when I got home the puter had been taken over by the wedding invitation craze. The better half had decided to create a few different designs of card wording, got in a bit of a knot and needed Cheeky to assist. Well believe it or not, but I ain’t any wedding invitation expert, and I don’t think she appreciated me suggesting putting “Bring a Bottle” on the cards.

Bloody women, no idea.

Hence I got online late and missed me buddy. Now she will be thinking I’m avoiding her…I can imagine the photo of me undies on her washing line being published if I keep this up.
Sorry Freddie, you sweet, caring and very patient person you…..that might do the trick.

'Monster phone' down

received a call Tuesday from a rather sorry 'little monster'. She was wanting to have a chat but explained I had to phone her on the home phone. Bless, I thought she's trying to save me some money.....but oh no, the flippin 'monster phone' only had 8 pence left on it. So what else could I do but promise to get her a top up. The words soft, is, a, touch and Cheeky come to mind, but not in that order.
Anyhow, I called into Tesco after work and purchased a top up card for me little monster, and last night received a short text at work, reading

'To grandar thanq for the muny wot you put on'...

I had to smile.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mobile madness.

Morning all,
Good day at work yesterday, well as good as work can be. Seems this different job routine is quite agreeable to a Cheeky. Not being stuck all shift on one machine feels like a breath of fresh air. Boss even asked if I fancied doing a spot of cleaning for a couple of hours, seeing as though the cleaner is off sick. Well believe me or don’t, but I quite enjoyed the change from the dull machine....The fact that I had more chemicals in use than an Iranian bomb factory didn’t go down to well at break time. The poor chaps left the canteen as high as kites......I’m sure I heard Bob say “Hey man” as he left.

Harold phoned to say how very, very ill he still is, but surprise surprise, he had to make it very clear how much he was enjoying the time off work....Well ‘H’, here’s to your knees giving you hell for a few day’s more. Now is that a nasty jealous streak or what ?.

Isn’t it strange how things turn out ?. I remember not so many years back seeing someone on television saying how they couldn’t live without their mobile. The words SAD, SAD and SAD came to mind. Well, at work now the Nazi regime has spoken, and mobiles are not allowed on the shop floor. Well for me it lasted all of an hour and I must say I felt for that person who I mistakenly called sad. If your sad mate, I now know another one.
So for now the mobile still resides inside the right hand pocket. After all, how the hell do they expect me to compete in trans Atlantic eye-spy with Freddie, with no mobile.

Got to look back into Sausagenet before too long, weird how after a break you don’t feel like you can fit back in......Having said that, I can imagine some breathing a sigh of relief when the dead one vanished....but to me that just creates a temptation to get back in and wind up the few clockwork ones. We'll see.

Wonder if Briz is back for good ?, has Willo tried me soup yet ?, did Widow get me curry ?, will Freddie call me stupid ? has Lupins big brother found me ?, is Ally still bonny & bonkers, what does the Corporal call himself now ?, is Bill around still ?, has Doc found his elusive tardis ?, has Ian still got the perfect ‘RED’........Oh the weird world of sausages.
Must remember to call Freddie today, there’ll be hell to pay if she thinks I’m ignoring her. Remember the words of Charles.. “I FEAR THE SCOTTISH TONGUE....”

Well that’s it for now. One must make a start on one’s new book later. 'IDIOTS GUIDE TO ROCKET SCIENCE'...maybe if I’m cleaning sometime today I might experiment with rocket propulsion.....or maybe not.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Morning world.

Just a quick morning blog to show the world I'm alive. Having a lazy morning this morning, no gym today only work.
For some reason 2 till 10 weeks seem to be mornings of waiting for work. I just can't muster up much interest when I know hell is just a few hours away.

Another two wins on premium bonds this month. Only £50 each, but £100 in my pocket is better than a slap on the face. That'll be about £550 in total over the past few months, all I want is the big one. What with Premium Bonds and regular small lottery wins I can't complain. I'll have to get to the bank and put the two cheques in before work.

I see Briz has made a visit to Sausagenet recently, His amusing and cleverly written posts seem to have been missed recently. Funny how you don't know someone but seem to take to them.
Freddie was like that, someone who was so easy to talk to. My problem is first impressions. I tend to go off them straight away, and should really be getting to know people first. Having said that, If I like someone I'm normally right, but if I seem to dislike them on first impressions, you can bet your bottom dollar If I get to know them I'll be proved wrong.

Well I'd better make a move and get to the bank, call on mam then go to hell/work. We have a yearly management meeting today at 2, one of those......It's time for you to put your pay increase demand in, but hey there's no work and we can't afford to pay you what you want......meetings.

So I'll say bye for now and catch ya later..

*** Check out the updated Joseph blog ***

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Scum, Ally & penguins...

Well the weekend seems to have flown over. Finished at midnight Friday night and came home and watched the movie 'The Lady in White'. A film I saw as a teenager all those few years ago.
Spent 45 minutes trying to remember where I'd watched it at, then the penny dropped, it was at the home of a young lady I was friendly with bloody years ago.
Saturday I had to be in Darlington at half past two to meet Bren, Sav, Dave and Thomas, to get our suits sorted for Nikkis wedding.

Me giving her away at her wedding, God, I never thought I'd be doing that job for anyone.
We got to the wedding shop to to be greeted by 'Little Monster' on the doorstep shouting "It's packed in their"....Seems Nikki had made a pre booking for the fitting, but the shop also allowed parties to just walk in and try on. Seems a bit daft to me, seeing as though they only have three fitting rooms. Anyway we all got 'suited and booted' and had a bit of a giggle at each other in the process. I was waiting for the inside leg measurement, but no, just a pin stuck in and a tape measurement taken on the table. Not me on the table, just me trousers.
Seems my idea of a vampire wedding wasn't what they wanted. Can't understand why.

The whole day brought to mind the new movie....'March of the Penguins'..

The better half had a text from Canada, winding her up over the Man U score.
Freddies better half Steve, just had to remind her that City were stuffing United. Now personally I couldn't give a chuff, but at the end of the day I have to duck if the plates fly.

Maybe a reply text is in order the next time Rangers are behind.
Spent this afternoon taking mam to West Auckland. She wanted rid of a little cupboard she had from Grandads. Seems a shame to sell items like that, but after all we can't keep everything we want. Our lives would be overflowing if that was the case.
The antique man bought some of the furniture years ago my Grandparents had when the house was sold, and mam seems to think he makes a fare offer so it's up to her. As long as she's happy, I'm happy.
We had a look over to Evenwood whilst we were out, at My Granparents former home. It's a bloody disgrace to see the house boarded up downstairs and windows put out upstairs.Seems Evenwood has followed in the footsteps of many old villages. dragged into the gutter by today's mindless, pathetic scum.......Gangs of brainless low life wandering the streets, destroying anything that doesn't interest them. Mam was born in the house, Grandad was born in the house and his father and mother lived there. Happiness, sadness, birth and death, all in this little two bedroom home, and now it seems this kind of home isn't good enough for todays 'I want, I will have' society.
On a lighter note, nice to see Ally has joined the crazy world of Blogging. Her blog can be found in the links, top right. Having said that, she might have been blogging for a while, but kept it quiet. What with a secret blog habit and a tongue as sharp as a Global knife.....(just thought I'd get my fave cookshop on the blog).....She maybe has a few more skeletons in the cupboard....Just kidding Ally.
The Joseph Simpson blog has been sort of left for a few days, so I'll have a look in a min and see what other Granda memories I can think of......
.............Spielberg will only wait so long.

Friday, January 13, 2006


NUWORLD. NEWS: "The new album will be called 'Jagged' and will be released on March 13 as previously stated. It will be released on our own Mortal Records label. The distribution in Europe will be through Cooking Vinyl and it seems likely that it will be released in North America by Metropolis Records although that deal has still to be signed.
The 11 songs are now mixed. I finished the last one yesterday and the running order, although not absolutely decided yet, is likely to be as follows. I've also put the running time of each track:

Pressure (5:20)
Fold (5:47)
Halo (4:16)
Slave (6:02)
In A Dark Place (6:08)
Haunted (5:28)
Blind (7:01)
Before You Hate It (5:14)
Melt (5:18)
Scanner (6:04)
Jagged (5:22)

The total running time is 62 minutes.

The photo session was done last friday with Steve Gullick who also did the Pure album shoot. Today I am sorting through the contact sheets from that session so that I can start to work on the artwork . Boxing Day was spent tweaking those final mixes that I've become unhappy with today. I made the fatal mistake of playing the album while I went through the photos and I've become increasingly unhappy with two of the mixes. Nothing major, just niggling little things that will haunt me if I don't fix them now. The artwork has to be with Cooking Vinyl during January . Between then and now I also have to move house as I'm being turfed out of here, so it's just a tad stressy at the moment. The photos are cool and we have lots to choose from so no problems there. The studio is being dismantled as soon as I've tweaked the mixes and will be set up again at a new studio building not too far from the new house luckily. I want to write at least another four new songs before I start working on the gig

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cheeky Pictures

Forgot to say, I made a bit of a booboo on Cheeky pictures so had to start again. Bloody technology.

Don't forget the Simpson blog.

Running late.

As the title states, it's been a busy afternoon. Got up at 1 after a rather somewhat grumpy sleep. Strange how I'm shattered during the night at work, but don't sleep well when I get home.
Harold's off work for a couple of weeks at least, we do joke on with him, but he's in agony with his knees. There talking of knee replacement operations, but surprise surprise, seems hes too young, at 59 and only a few years before retirement, how the hell can they say he's too young. Tell you what, this bloody government seems to forget people like him have worked all their lives, and put into the system. Unlike some of the bloody low lifes who crawl around this land, taking, taking and taking, and never putting back.

Well that's me rant out of the way.

Been to the gym today.

Had to go straight away on getting up, or else I know me, I wouldn't have got there. Seems since the manager and assistant manager walked out on Xmas eve, things have'nt quite got back to speed. The standard of cleanliness and organisation is lacking at the moment but I'm sure it'll get sorted in time.
Well I better make tracks, only a short shift tomorrow, 6 till midnight, then Saturday I'm supposed to be in Darlington getting me suit sorted for Nikkis wedding. Seems a bit early to me, but I've been requested to go so I shall be there.

Oh hell, I better move, I need me bait putting up for work. Mind you, pouring the milk for me porridge into a beaker, can't take that long eh...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thank You Lupin..

I would just like to say thanks to Lupin for putting up with the requests for links on her blog, and advice kindly given whenever I get stuck (24 hours, rings a bell).

Freddie knows I appreciate her help, even though she said I only had a quarter of a brain. Now that takes the biscuit, Oh I can't......the bloody diet.

Evening all...

Well I'm quite getting into this blogging lark, what with trying to change the Html code, and creating two more blogs, I feel im sort of finding my feet...slowly.
Spent time last night with Freddie trying to solve a few issues with how I add and alter pictures, but I'm still at a loss as to why I cant drag an uploaded photo to a different position on the main computer, and I can on the laptop. Still that's life....but not as we know it.

Freddie says that between us we have a whole brain, well I beg to differ...a whole brain between us seems a little ambitious.

Nightshift week nearly half way through, and not going too bad actually. I requested a change of jobs in the department a while back, and what with the temps' being kept on for now, I've finally had the go ahead to have a break from the machine. Seems too much boredom can send a man loopy. I'm sure Freddie will have a bloody answer for that remark.

The New Year diet has gone ok, the chocolate hasn't been finished from xmas yet, but seems to shout out at me whenever I pass by. The gym is going well, easing off the 'chucking of weights' around and doing more rowing and cardio thingies. But we'll see, I could say a new year a new Cheeky, but we've been here before so I can't promise anything.
I'll have to load a few more photos on the cheeky pictures blog, seeing as though Lupin has kindly linked it on her site.

Actually I've just noticed I can now drop one line at a time, instead of the two that's been happening lately. Now how the hell's that happened. Oh well, maybe the Freddie fairy has cast her spell.
I'll have to go sort some pictures out now, it seems all I do is blabble about non interesting things, but it's my blog so blog off.

You can always check out the Joseph blog or monsters blog or Cheeky pictures blog or Freddies blog and there's Lupins blog.....so really there's lots to see, so shut the fook up winging.

Can you tell I've just cottoned on as to how to hyperlink words....Hahahaha

Monday, January 09, 2006

Links update

Well, I've just spent what seems like an eternity creating a blog for 'Little Monster'. She can add her pictures as and when she has a creative moment, and at 6 year old her creative moments pop up in between tantrums and twists.

Also created a blog for my own pictures, rather than put them on here and have them lost amongst the rantings and rubbish I post, I thought it better to give them a home. Must admit the picture blog is empty at the moment, but it's nightshift tonight, so no time to post. Well, that might be a little lie, I might just get a couple on before I leave.

Pleased 'K' has her blog up and running, I'm sure with all her spare time it'll look like 'War & Peace' before to long. One thing that bugs me is that you can put money on that when I feel in the mood to mess with the computer..... WORK CALLS....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News

My diet seemed easy after I saw this....

NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News: "A bold weight-loss program of the Life of Life Healing Spa in Hong Kong involves actually setting fire briefly to the parts of the body holding the most fat, according to a December dispatch in London's Daily Telegraph. According to owner Karen Chu, the fire follows an energy flow 'reading,' full-body exfoliation, high-pressure hose spray, and herb-and-potion and alcohol rub-downs (but wet towels and a fire extinguisher are at the ready in case of problems). Chu said about 100 clients have undergone the treatment, with no complications, and the ones interviewed by the Daily Telegraph reporter praised the service. Chu said the treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine, but a Hong Kong doctor interviewed by Agence France-Presse said, 'I have never heard of such a thing.' [Daily Telegraph (London), 12-4-05] "

Who needs weight watchers...

Who is Who.......and not the Doctor..

I would like to make it clear that Freddie is also known as 'K'.

So Freddie is 'K' and 'K' is Freddie....but both are crazy.


News just in is that Freddie has a blog, now don't panic, she promises to be good....

But may I add, If Freddies good, it'll be a first...

Check out the Freddie Link and when she gets started.....LOOK OUT.

Testing BlogJet

Just installed an interesting application - BlogJet. It’s only a trial version, but you never know, it might stay if I can get it going. Get your copy here if like me you want to make blogging easier : http://blogjet.com

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination." -- Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 07, 2006

'Little Monsters'

Joseph Link

Don't forget the Joseph Simpson blog is updated, but not with new posts. I wanted just one continuous page of memories, therefore I just edit the one post... ...and if you understand that, you wanna get a life. Check the Joseph Simpson link for the latest memory to come out of the Cheeky bonce.

Well monster called but alas she had to go shopping with mam. So a quiet day was had by all.

Nikki has asked me to give her away at her wedding this September, so today she's been wedding dress hunting around Darlington. She called around tonight to show us the dress she picked. She said Toni and Joanne cried in the shop when she tried it on, I feel Bren will cry tonight when she tells him the price. It's a Phill Collins dress, and not the Phill your thinking. Seems he's a designer based in Cornwall and I must say he's done a canny job on this one.

The dress Nikki picked.

The thought of giving someone away isn't exactly comforting for me, but I can't deny I feel privileged....It's just I know what a state i'll be in on the day. Might help the diet though, one must look ones best.

Up and at em

"Call out the national guard, the 'Monster phone has rung....She's on her way".

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sorry Ally....

Had a Message from the dark one on Orkney. Ally says I spelt her name wrong on the 'Belated New Year post. So to prevent any pins being stuck in my voodoo backside up yonder, all I can do is send my apologies and love, and hold my heed in shame.

"Bloody picky women"..........................

Forgot to say, thank you to 'K' for the text whilst I was making the ladies swoon
tonight. It's nice to know you can't stay away from such a nice vampire like me.

Bloody hell, I stink

Just arrived back from a night with a mate having a few pints. Why is it that I always stink of bloody cigarettes. Everyone always goes on about the health issues of passive smoking, well I want to mention the personal hygiene issue of stinking like a chimney. Personally I think all smoking should be banned in every public place. My non smoking doesn't bother a smoker at all, but a smoker is damaging my health, and definitely polluting my clothes and body with the stinking aroma of their filthy habit.

Well that's my post drink moan out of the way, so good night all.

Catch ya later, one must dash to do his hair..............

Oot on the 'toon'

Me again. Busy week at work, well nearly a full week at work, only started on Tuesday and Wednesday I overslept slightly. Alarm went off as normal at 5 am and the brain said just a few more minutes, so I hit the snooze button. Alarm went off again but this time the sub conscious mind must have said turn the bloody alarm off and just see what time you wake up. The left buttock received a swift kick from the other half at 5.45am, so let's just say the day got a kick start.

Had to go to Durham this afternoon, and three guesses who phoned on the way back down the A1, yep, the one and only Little monster on the 'monster phone'. Seems she wants to go to the winter outdoor ice rink at Durham cathedral tomorrow, well we'll have to see. The last time I skated was to coach Torvill and Dean, so I'll be a little rusty so to speak.

Well I should really make a move and hit the shower, off out on the 'toon' tonight, or should I say "out on the town" for the Canadians reading this, eh 'K' wink wink, nudge nudge.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Belated Happy New year.

Well it's here, another year and hopefully a year that enough money's won to enable me to pack in work.
Can you tell it's been the first day back in the hell we call work.
Been a nice Xmas and New Year for a change, for some reason panic stations never materialized this year, unlike the last few. New Year was spent with family, and firstly can I just say my 'non' drinking better half got plastered. Plastered enough not to rise from her pit till after 4 on New Years afternoon. We all tried out the DVD game 'Atmosfear' only to have the drunken one slowly slide down now and then across the flippin board on the floor. I can't imagine anyone letting her forget that for a while.

The New Year family meal had to be postponed till yesterday because of the hungover state of the cook, but we still had a good feed and a few drinks.

Phoned Bob at midnight and wished him and Valerie a Happy New Year. Also phoned 'K' in Canada to find she's still suffering with a cold, and my sympathies go to Steven, because I bet she can't half give him earache when she's under the weather. Seriously though, I do hope she gets better soon, so she can go to bloody work and suffer like us all.
Had a bit of a look around sausagenet and sent Black Widow the recipe she wanted. Had a belated Happy New Year from Ally in Orkney and I'm sure it's belated because she's just sobered up.

Lupin, yes the same Lupin as in my links, has been kind enough to put a link to this blog and my Joseph Simpson blog on her blog. So it's blogs all round.

Well it's gone 9 already and allsorts to do before bed. This week it's 6 till 2 shift, and we all know that's the 'tired and twisty' shift. So one must dash and I'll be back soon.

Get better soon 'K'.....we all know your just skiving off work.