Saturday, June 24, 2006

We will overcome...

Carols Friday hospital visit resulted in one of the worst results we could imagine. We both entered the room with high hopes, but came out in tears. She needs all the support and love I can give at the moment......I just hope all I can give is enough. having said that, We're determined to carry on as normal.

'Monster' wanted to go up a lighthouse. So today, even though we didn't feel like it, we took her to Souter lighthouse. She took her friend Jessica along, and i'm so pleased they both seemed to enjoy the experience.

The day wasn't too bad, Carol was rather quiet, and understandable, but I felt I had to put on a face for 'Monster' and her friend.

Both kids enjoyed climbing up to the top of the lighthouse, they must have been the noisiest visitors this year, but the lighthouse keeper said they were a joy......I fear lighthouse keeping frazzles the brain.

Returning home we took 'Monster' to our house. She'd slept on the way home, so woke full of energy. Blake and his cousin Jessica came down to play. I say play, but they all had me on the lawn in a heap. A heap that was belted and kicked till the ice-cream visit to the fridge was agreed.
Nobbly Bobbly ice creams all round, and the scene retreated to a more sedate level.

The violence erupted again when a game of 'tag' ended with me, again on the floor, and three bloody little sods piled on top.

Oh yes they can look sweet...

And somewhat "cough cough" angelic

But believe me....the little horrors made ones hair stand on end

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get well soon Mam...

Well the week's nearly over. Not been too bad at work, but at home a different story. Spent the time between work, Mams and home.
Mam took bad early Monday morning at home, resulting in a day in bed. Tuesday she was a little better but still not right. Yesterday I had my own feelings about the problem, and too be honest if I'd listened to Nadine last year and pushed the doctor more when he said Mam was fine, maybe things would be different. Anyway yesterday I called the doctor out and he confirmed Mam had had a stroke. Not a severe one, but enough to make her speech slurred, and walking difficult.
I thought last year that something maybe wasn't quite right, but on asking a doctor, he explained that her diabetes symptoms can be mistaken for stroke symptoms......Why is it that when you just know deep down something's amiss, you can still be persuaded to believe you must be wrong. Nadine was right, I just hope any delay hasn't made things worse. Doc did say she should improve in the next few days. She's had blood tests today, and awaits an appointment for a brain scan, but still has the determination and grit to try and carry on as normal. I still understood the orders of "Christopher, cut the grass please, oh and edge it please, oh and the hedge need cutting" followed by, "Can you put the kettle on please?". Only small things compared to the things she's done for me. After all, she brought me up on her own, and look what a 'cough cough,' fine person I am comments Ally and Freddie.

Leaving work early tomorrow to take Carol back to hospital. Fingers crossed the operation has done its job.

'Little Monster' requests her blog updating, but to be honest I haven't had time this week. I've just been coming home shattered and crashing in front of the TV. I could just do a quick post, but I want it done properly. My lack of interest in my blog the past month resulting in hers also being left, sorry Monster....but just bloody wait ya wee terror.

Tell you what, I'll show you a couple of photographs 'Monster' took on Farne Islands at the weekend.

Picture the scene....a rather portly man dressed from head to toe in camouflage clothing, lying on the floor, with a camera lens the size of one of the Apollo rockets pointed towards a little Puffins hole in the ground. He looked frozen as he waited patiently for the puffin to show itself. Along skipped one 'Little Monster', crouched down in front of the photographer, saw the puffin pop it's head out, snapped the picture, and carried on walking as the photographer just looked up in disbelief......Poor sod, he might still be laid there to this day.....That's girl power for ya.

The next shot was one she took whilst shivering with the cold, and wearing my jacket. I swear that child tried all ways to get my jacket covered in bird sh*t.

Well, that's it for tonight. Here's hoping tomorrow brings better news on the health front, for Carol and Mam.

Take care all, and don't do anything I wouldn't. Oh and Freddie, tell Steve we've had to hire a forklift to hold the tomatoes up.....I'm not saying they're big, but...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I give up...

Watched the game, and decided I'm sure Grandads' Uncles parrot had a brother from Ecuador....So I might be Ecuadorian if they beat us......

....Again, from Cheeky...Bog off.

England expects.....or rather, HOPES

Evening all, just a quick post before the match. Oh Freddie, tell Steve that there's a footy competition on in Germany at the moment. It's called the 'World Cup'....Him being from North of the Wall Hadrian built, and not involved this year.....he might not realise.

......Shit, I fear the footsteps of Ally are making there way South, probably joined by an irate Puffin. Those confused, see last post comments.

Well not a bad day at work, all went well with the shitty job that usually doesn't go well. I've got another workmate now...Yes, I have to train someone else. There starting to call me the bloody skinhead instructor.

Called round mams yesterday to find her sick in bed. Made her tea and sorted things out till my Aunt called to sit with her a while. Called today to find Mam downstairs, a little better but still not very well. Maybe tomorow she'll feel more like her usual self.

Yes Freddie, the tom's are in one of those plastic hot house thingies. Tonight however, it's one of those cold house thingies, as the weather outside is more like bloody Winter. Having said that, Carol would just like to say "HER TOMS ARE DOING BETTER, GROWING BIGGER, GETTING REDDER AND JUST PLAIN CHAMPIONSHIP STANDARD, compared to STEVES TIDDLERS" I'm not getting involved....she made me type that last comment.

Anyway, it's off for the match. Carols just been to the 'offy' and brought a few cold cans. So till next time.....BOG OFF.

Evening the Transilvanian branch are supprting the lads

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yesterdays photos

My apologies to anyone who is trying to read this post whilst I add photos. You see, for some unknown reason I can't seem to upload photos most of the time, but I did notice that the fact my pictures are also stored onto the PICASA2 program might have helped. It might be a long way of getting my pictures onto the blog, but if I blog them straight from PICASA2 and create a new post, then copy the pictures code and re enter it into the original post thus deleting the new post, It seems to work, it sounds complicated, but balls to a clear explanation. It works so it'll do for now.

Anyway, getting back to this post. Rather than edit yesterdays post I thought of adding the photos from yesterday to this post. It saves on editing yesterdays, and then creating todays post. Why is blogging sometimes so complicated ???

Bloody Ally...

Now then, yesterdays trip. The dolphins had to be the highlight of the day. Trying to take photos with a slow camera was er somewhat difficult. I clicked the shutter and by the time the camera had taken the photo the bloody creatures had dived.

After a few failed shots, it ended a guessing game. The water rippled, Cheeky clicked the shutter, the dolphins appeared, the photo was taken, the result was then viewed... The fact that there was a few loud words of "bollocks" made a few laugh on the boat. I refuse to disclose who shouted bollocks. I'm sure you can take a good guess.

I enjoyed the Grace Darling history, the fact that she rowed from the lighthouse in the photo below, more than once, to rescue shipwrecked passengers in one night, and in a storm of storms made me feel for the bravery of the lady.

Some of the birds were stunning, some were just bloody evil looking. The evil looking ones I was drawn to, I wonder why...

One little bugger popped up when we made our way down back to the boat, I swear he shouted "Oy cheeky, over ere". I looked, I saw, I took the little gits photo...How foreward of the little puffin, I wouldn't have dared shout at him to have my photo took. But I suppose the little creatures need all the publicity they can get.

My moneys on the bird on top.....go on my son.

PS....Oy Freddie, can you please show Steve this picture of Carols tom's....She says hers are bigger. I'm keeping out of the argument.

I feel a trans Atlantic tomato competition is in order

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bird poo and pecked heads...

Well before I try and edit yesterdays post, I thought of posting about todays outing.
I had Northumberland in mind this morning, Holy Island to be more precise. The tide was out till 18.15 so plenty of time to get up there, drive across the causeway, look around and get back across to the mainland before the tide came in. But as ever the 9am 'Monster' phone rang loud and clear. The little voice on the other end asked if we were going out, and could she come ?. Me being the "cough cough" hard straight talking sort, crumbled and agreed the tiny terror could come out with us.
Now Holy Island is a lovely place, but to a 7 year old might just be a little short on excitement. A quick think and I decided on a boat trip across to the Farne Islands. To those who don't know, the Islands are home to one of the largest collection of poo dropping birds and seals. I mention "poo" dropping birds because the first piece of advice when visiting the Islands, is to wear a hat. Now me having such long golden locks, the first thing to pack was a baseball cap. Little monster and the other half both followed with caps.
See, all women follow the example of a good expects a reply from Ally or Fred

Oh by the way, the photos are a few from todays selection.

The trip North wasn't too bad, 'Monster' actually lasted about 20 miles before asking the question all adults dread "ARE WE THERE YET ?"
On arrival at Seahouses she spotted the rock pools down by the shoreline, and forgetting the exciting day I the bald beauty had planned, seemed bloody content to buy a bucket and spade and look for crabs and the like.

The boat was booked, but the (rather nice) girl advised to make our way straight to the lighthouse at the end of the harbour wall, as the boat was due in within 10 mins. Now then, let's get this short walk put into context. We had to make it in 10 mins, yes. But we also had to pass all the stalls selling burgers, chips and candy floss. Monster took to doing the acting of an Italian footballer, if she didn't have burger, chips or candy floss within seconds, she would surely drop on the spot and die. But the little white lie I gave about the boat just about to leave, tended to drop the emergency down to a grumble.....and did she grumble along the pier to the boat pick-up point.

The sea going out to the islands was as calm as calm could be. Cold yes, and me flashing my rather lovely legs in a rather fetching pair of shorts, made the cold feel like a life threatening freeze. I had goosebumps on me bumps.
Nearing the Islands the captain said he would make a detour towards two other boats he'd spotted circling a small area. I just thought the two boats he meant, had captains who'd taken too much ale. But no, they'd spotted a pod of dolphins. Carol and monster couldn't have been more excited, and to be honest that's all I want. If they are happy, I'm happy.

On arrival to the main island the sight was so funny. People being dive bombed, attacked and crapped on by the arctic terns. Me laughing and pointing with Lauren faded into fear as we realised we too had to make our way up the steps and be pecked by the little birdies.

I'll continue with the post, but may I again add that the 'ADD IMAGE' has again packed in. I wonder if it's the wireless laptop that stops it.

Anyway, we made our way around the island for the hour we had. The bloody sodding terns must have taken me as a BIG threat, they had a good go at trying to peck through my cap and spoiling the golden locks comments Fred or Ally....or any bugger else for that matter.
Monster clicked away with her new camera, she must have taken more photos of her feet than anybody has ever taken. But to be honest she did get a photo of a puffin in its hole with one click. I had to laugh at the bloke sat all in camouflage trying to get the same shot. Maybe his would have been more professional, but the way she just walked up to the hole, bent down and clicked quite a good shot, made me smile. The poor bloke could have been sat there for hours.

The boat captain gave us a nice bit of history about Grace Darling, showed us where she lived on the island, and even took us on the route she rowed to save the crewmen she was famous for. I think 'Monster was a little tired by then, and rather cold. We returned to make our way directly to the Fish 'n' Chip shop, sat down to Fish, chips and mushy peas. Oh and a big pot of hot tea each. Sea explorers have to have a hot drink, before returning home to the lager in the fridge.

Well I'll post this, move upstairs and try to upload the photos I wanted to on the main computer. If anyone has any advice about the problem I'm having loading photos....please get in touch.

There Ally, another post thanks to you. I almost carried on North towards the land of the goat fearing garlic chomper.......the captain said he would have dropped me off at Kirkwall if he'd had enough that horizon, one vampire on his way soon.....the bedroom window be cast in a shadow of evil. X

Friday, June 16, 2006

Just blame Ally...

Well me darlings, I'm here. For how long, who knows...
If any of you are thinking "Oh God he's back", well just look North and blame Ally. And anyone who's thinking "Thank you Lord for bringing Cheeky back into my life", just look North and thank Ally .....and after reading a few of my posts and thinking "this bloke's mental, look West and blame Freddie. Believe me, I was quite normal until receiving a thump in Toronto airport arrivals lounge, from a certain person who goes by the name of Freddie....That's all I wish to say on the matter.

Now then let's see, the last month. Well it's been a strange month, a one of smiles, laughter, sadness, fears and tears. A rather mixed bag to be honest.

Contact has been kept with Freddie, she's as crazy as me, so keeps me walking through life on a sort of straight and narrow path. Thankfully Ally kept in touch, a person who can send a few words this way, and those few words just emphasize why I've always tried to keep in touch with the world 'up North'. Maybe sometime in the near future she can buy me that 'gallon' she promised.

Well 'Monster's' been round here a lot lately, seems we do too good a job at keeping her amused, maybe if it's a little more boring she might stay away....still, I wouldn't like that either.
Getting back to Durham life, last weekend we took 'Monster' to Durham City regatta. We had the camera with us but 'Monster tested its ability to bounce off the beer garden table early on in the day, so no pictures were taken after the pub.
The fact that England had their match the same day, meant one had to be on ones toes to keep her from the drunken foul mouthed sods who seemed to take pride in forcing families to listen to their 'F's and 'B's on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon.
We all had a good day, and me more so when we dumped 'Monster' home, and I could open a cold can in peace.

Well can I just say "bollocks", I can't upload photos at the moment, to me a post aint a post without photos. So I'm gonna call it a day till the photos are uploading.

I'll re-edit this post with pictures as soon as I can.....bloody blogger.

So till blogger gets its finger out, bye.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Darkest tales of Durham will be posted shortly.

Eggs is Eggs shall be resurrected.......

Bloody women.

What with Ally and Freddie, a vampire stands no chance.