Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Just a quick post this morning. Not been home long from another nightshift. Yesterday we all mentioned how tired we felt. Maybe it's the first shift that does it, but everyone looked like death. This morning isn't quite as bad, but that bed looks more inviting by the second.

Today's Ivan's funeral, so I've set the alarm to make sure I get up. I would hate not to be there, after all, he was there for me whenever I had questions whilst serving my time after leaving school. I'm so sorry he had a bit of a struggle with cancer at the end. But I'm sure he had a full and satisfying life....

........Thanks Ivan, for all your help.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nearly, but not quite Freddie.....

Had a good walk yesterday, and as I thought we went to Bassenthwaite. The Ospreys were staying either on, or around the nest, and who can blame them when it's a dull murky old day. Well, to be honest the day wasn't too bad weather wise. But the low cloud made the photos rather foggy.
We drove into the car park at 9am, the first people there apart from the girls opening the teashop. A quick sort out and we were off.
The first port of call was the Osprey view point in Dodd wood. Again we were the first there, apart from the red squirrels and great tits dining together on the feeders. No sight of the ospreys yet, so we set off on our walk through the forest, and up onto Dodd summit. Very quiet actually, only one couple and some bloke on the top were met. Seems Carols bird watching is rubbing off slowly, the sight of a kestrel below us hunting, and a very handsome buzzard soaring in the thermals was a sight for sore eyes. Funny how we call them thermals, when it was actually freezing on the summit.

A couple of photograph opportunities meant the dragon had started to make her way down first.

The sight of her laid out as I caught up was quite confusing. Had she fallen ? had she taken ill ? was the mountain rescue needed..... NO, she was warming up a bee. Yes that's what I said "warming up a bee". Seems the sight of two bumble bees struggling in the cold was too much. How the hell she knew they were cold beats me. But the one that was the coldest (according to the dragon) was scooped up in rainbow gloves, and warmed.

Can I add, our resident bee expert placed said bee, back onto the plant...arse up
....poor sod

We called back at the viewpoint on our return, and this time we witnessed the female osprey leaving for food. The male being left to do a spot of house work and egg-minding no doubt.
We got back to the car park a little earlier than normal, so a quick dump of rucksacks into car, and we headed off to the lakeside.

Oh look, another cemetery. Funny how they just seem to pop up on these walks. Vampires feel at home near the dead. Isn't that right Ally.

Certain similarities were made between myself and the little un' on the right, yes the one with the funny ears.
I don't think any comment is needed, Freddie and Ally.

Oh, the title of this post......Well I won on both lines I put onto the Friday Euro lottery, and on last nights Lotto draw.....the problem being it was a total win of £54.20. So Freddie, we still have to work next week. SORRY. I'd have even bought Ally a goat for the front garden.

Here's to the next walk.......

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's the end...

Well, another end to another week on the journey to a final death.
The week hasn't been too bad, and the fact that Stan has been my workmate, is a major factor in the good week. He's off to New York next wednesday, so look out New York, and have a fantastic time Stan. On that topic, It means Ken is back. He might be a canny bloke, but not the best to work with. The fact that he's probably going to lose his job in the next two weeks wont help.
Called round mams after work, Sheila was calling later, so rather than let her walk, I went to pick her up. Saw the better half going to work whilst driving to Sheilas. Why is it when you try to do a good deed, you can feel guilty. I check on mam most days, If she wants anything, I'm there. But would it have been better to say "No" and come straight home to see Carol off to work....I'm sick of thinking about the best way of doing things. Yes Carol is the most important person in my life, but Mam has to be up there on the same par. Life can suck.

The cat has just walked past me feet, so guess who has to open the garden door and boot the furry one out into the garden. You might think of me as cruel, booting the cat into the darkness. But don't worry, it's the electric pads built into the stepping stones over the lawn that make her jump.........Oh shut your mouths, I'm only joking.

Mind you, the cat has this ability to give one that devil look.

Off walking in the Lake District in the morning, well I hope we are. Sometimes the morning ideas of getting up, tend to blur into ideas of "stuff today, I need a lie in"

Still, at the moment my thoughts are of climbing onto Skiddaw, and dropping down into Dodd Wood, to let Carol spend time watching her friends incubate their eggs. All through a telescope may I add.
One Cheeky is off to pack a rucksack, and shower ones bod....The showering of ones bod being the most important task tonight. You never know when you might need it.

Before I sign off, may I add my thoughts and prayers to Ivan McGlen. A lovely man who guided me through my apprenticeship after leaving school. A lovely neighbour, and more importantly at the time, a man who guided me throughout the maze of the workplace, in the first years of my working career. To a man and friend who recently lost his brave fight with cancer, may my thoughts and blessings join you in your next life.

........I'll be there on Wednesday Ivan.

Till the next time......Take care. Oh and Rabb, I hope you, Paul and the girls are well. Keep in touch.

....and Freddie, tell Jolene the Honda is tuned to perfection, and awaiting the first emergency call for beer deliveries to Yorkshire.....If needed. X

Monday, April 17, 2006

...and on the third day he created clutter

Had a morning of tidying the shed, how is it the things you think you might need, end up the things you never use, and get on ones pips. Thrown out bits and bobs, this and that and quite a bit of the other, and still the shed looks full. I think the time has arrived to remove the garden chairs from the back of the shed, place them neatly around the table, remove the rain cover, and watch it rain from now till autumn.

Had a short drive to the coast this afternoon. Our nearest points being Seaton Carew or Hartlepool. I say they're the nearest, and that's the only plus point about them. If we'd had a little more time, we certainly wouldn't have chosen either. Anyway, a bit of sea air, a good lung full of the local ICI chemical waste and we're back home with rosy cheeks....either sea air or radiation.

Weather was nice, if a little cold for the other half. Poor dear needs her sunshine.
The local yobs added to the lovely ambiance, with their clever handbrake turns on waste land, creating a lovely cloud of dust....PRATS.

We met the Hartlepool monkey, and to those who don't know the tale, here's a brief outline.

The monkey-hanging legend is the most famous story connected with Hartlepool. During the Napoleonic Wars a ship was wrecked off the Hartlepool coast.During the Napoleonic Wars there was a fear of a French invasion of Britain and much public concern about the possibility of French infiltrators and spies.
The fishermen of Hartlepool fearing an invasion kept a close watch on the French vessel as it struggled against the storm but when the vessel was severely battered and sunk they turned their attention to the wreckage washed ashore. Among the wreckage lay one wet and sorrowful looking survivor, the ship's pet monkey dressed to amuse in a military style uniform. The fishermen apparently questioned the monkey and held a beach-based trial. Unfamiliar with what a Frenchman looked like they came to the conclusion that this monkey was a French spy and should be sentenced to death. The unfortunate creature was to die by hanging, with the mast of a fishing boat (a coble) providing a convenient gallows.

To be hung or spend it's life in Hartlepool...I think the poor creature got the best choice.

Just to clarify matters, the monkey's the top photo....

Work again tomorrow morning, nice and early at 6, I bet there's a lovely atmosphere in the canteen when we all arrive. A room full of grumps no doubt. Only a short week I suppose, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Catch ya later then.... Well I will if I carry on with the blog.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monster meets Uncle Drac...

Well it's been a busy but enjoyable day today, took monster to meet Dracula...well, rather we had a day at Whitby, the Yorkshire town that Bram Stoker was supposed to use in his novel 'Dracula'. When the black dog escaped from the storm ravaged ship, and ran up the 199 steps to the Abbey, it was Whitby Abbey he had in mind.

'Little Monster' seemed intrigued with the tale, asking constantly where Drac' was. The town was packed with a mixture of tourists, walkers and locals, with the odd 'goth' trudging past in search of all things black.
I told Monster about the 199 steps leading down from the Abbey to the town, and as we started our descent, 'monster' started her counting. If she lost count once, she lost count a dozen times. However, can we correct history here and now.......She calculated 235 steps going down, and 210 going back up........and I for one wasn't going to argue.

Oh, the first place she looked for the figure in a black cape, was the graveyard on top of the cliffs. No Dracula, but the sight of me shouting at her to get of the flippin' headstones, must have made a few wonder just what was lurking among the graves.

Candy Floss was the first order of the day when we made it down the steps. Candy Floss, fish 'n' chips and a can of pop, all before we set sail on the boat trip. I imagined the bucket and spade coming in handy....but no, all was well. Blue lips and frozen fingers later, and we made it to dry land, only for 'Monster' to demand a spot of sand castle building. Now don't get me wrong, sand castle building is fine, but when it's freezing cold....stuff that. The tide had come in by the time we reached the little bit of beach she had set her heart on, and boy was I pleased. A little tantrum followed, but 'monster' seemed to realise it was 1-0 to the tide. As we made our way back to the steps, some bloody woman shouted to her child, "There's some sand down here sweetheart". I could have grabbed her by the throat and demanded silence, but it was too late, our 'Little Monster' was off down the alleyway, in the direction the loud mouth pointed to. It was freezing, the wind was biting off the sea, and guess who took her shoes and socks off to paddle ?. I shivered just watching her, she wasn't in long though......too cold.

The tall ship in harbour caught 'monsters' eye, and we soon had our £12.50 handed over and were making our way gingerly down the gang plank. We were met on board by a rather authentic looking 'seaman stains', who proceeded to tell us there was a pirate on board. Was that going to frighten 'Monster' ??? Don't be daft....

She took to the sailing part, like a duck to water. I imagined her lifting anchor and setting off for foreign shores.

When we found the pirate below decks, I don't know who was more frightened of the other...Monster or him. He did make her a nice necklace though. Bloody good job too, or he'd be walking the plank I fear.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well, announcement was made yesterday. Seems the company and jobs are relying on 3 large orders, the first 2, surprise surprise, we haven't got, the 3rd seems to be as likely as me losing weight. Any job loses are going to be spared for another 2 weeks or so, until we find out about the last contract.....The union told us not to hold our breaths. That's the technical union term no doubt.
Had a good day considering, the job went well, even though Stan has the thought of maybe having to look for another job soon. God he can talk, makes me sound silent. He's a good workmate though so far. If the future was a little more secure, maybe we'd get farther in the training process.
Last day today till Tuesday. The company owe us an hour each year, so we take it at Easter, don't ask why cos I don't know. Therefore this mornings crew go in 6 till 1, and the 'A' Team (us) go in 1 till 8, YIPPPPEEEE..........

Must buy Sam and Eve their eggs, might just pop some money in an Easter card, surely they'll have plenty of chocolate. They do like chocolate though, hmm, might just get a little egg each...and some money, God they're spoilt.........

Must dash......catch ya later.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Still here...

Just a quick post again. The weeks been fine so far, busy but fine. New partner Stan is a good laugh, seems he can talk more than me at times. He can even talk more rubbish than me, so he must be a 'canny' bloke. The bad news is that we have a sudden announcement at work today at 2. Seems the big boys are coming down from head office and requested that we have union representatives available. Only one thing meets these requirements usually, jobs to go....If anybody does go, that means the first are our temps, and guess who one of the temps are, yep...Stan. He's been with me two bloody days and it now seems unlikely he'll be with me much longer. I think the factory has a curse these days...if it's not Micky losing his marbles, Harry blowing his knees up, Bob wanting to slash his wrists, (oh and his car refusing to run in with it's clutch engaged)....and finally, Steve wants to rip Mikes head off....What a bloody place of work. More like "business of the damned"

The blog seems to have been deserted of late, same as me buddys. I must make more contact with them, for fear of losing some of the more crazy friends I seem to have met.
There was something else I wanted to say, but's gone, can't remember. That's a bad sign, that flippin curse has struck memory looks like it's gone the same way as Harrys knees..........UP & AWAY...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Snow, Sun and Confession

Had a great walk today, quite a surprise considering the weather conditions as we travelled across to the lakes. The drive across started in bright sunshine, but ended with a bloody whiteout. Be it snow, or be it sleet, it was flippin awful.
Having made the effort to rise from the pit and make the journey across country, it seemed a waste not to start.
Ambleside car park looked like what I imagine a bingo hall to be, bloody blue rinses and nylon wigs in all directions. That may be a slight exaggeration, but there was too many loud and giggly pensioners for my liking.

The route took in Rydal Hall and on to Grasmere following the 'coffin route', as used for centuries to transport the dead to the neighboring churchyard. No wonder I felt at home, eh Ally. Grasmere was rather quiet compared to the usual Saturday, seemed the weather had taken it's toll.

One sign that did tickle my fancy, was the Bridge House Hotel's way of pointing out it was full....."CHOCKER BLOCK" now that's my kind of 'sign' language.

Our lunch stop consisted of cheese & pickle sandwiches, flapjack, and a good helping of bloody hail, snow and rain.....Oh and a side dish of a wee bit of sunshine. Bloody English weather.
And before you all ask, the stained glass photos were taken today at Rydal Church, I popped in to confess a few sins....I asked for forgiveness for all I've done wrong......A strange sort of cold feeling came over me whilst waiting for a reply, then a somewhat comforting voice whispered to my left side "I don't do overtime on a Saturday"...bloody cheek eh.

The psycho swan encounter happened again, seems I'm doomed when it comes to swans. This one gave me a backward glance, that would fell a running buffalo from fifty meters.

See, I told you.....bloody evil looking sod eh. Lucky the dragon was there to fend it off.....with my flapjack may I add.

Well, me arse aches, I'm tired, and I want me bed........So till tomorrow Catch ya later, alligator. X

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thank crunchie it's Friday

Well I'll dangle my clanger from the highest belfry.....Thank the little hairy creatures that lurk in dark corners ..... and send thanks to the order of the Garlic bulb, It's here....Friday's here. Only 6 hours to go tonight, 6 till midnight.

Walking tomorrow.....if someone who shall remain nameless, get's up and at em'. Have to think of a route whilst slogging at work tonight, should have plenty of time.

Oh, and one point to clear up. Just got back from the gym, and guess what......there's a new female personal trainer, now I know I might have mentioned my distaste at them in the past, but surely you understand this puts a different perspective on matters...LOL

Hmm, now how to stop jiggling on the jogger.......

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oooo it's Thursday.

Well the week isn't going as bad as expected, even Friday's within sight. Been awake for an hour now, I tell ya, these nightshifts aint good for a vampires' social life. Had a chat with Stan this morning. He's going to be my new workmate starting next week. Me being the friendly, calm, considerate and somewhat 'cough' 'cough' charming person I am (As normal, no comments Ally and Freddie) I soon convinced him it's going to be WORK..WORK..WORK. I got the impression he was a little confused as to how he can learn the job whilst getting the coffee, and keeping a close check on the sausages in the oven on Friday mornings. For anyone thinking we work in a kitchen, WE DON'T. We're just a bunch of growing lads who need our grub. A right lovely bunch of coconuts....that's what we are. Wasn't that a song ?

On another topic, Isn't it difficult when you think, and want, to know a little of someone, but now and then you find your further from knowing them than you were at the start. Sounds confusing, but that's me, confusing.
Funny how we seem to sometimes take to what can only be described as strangers. We don't know them..... their life..... or anything that makes them tick. But we can still feel for them when we hear of the difficult events and situations that shape their life.
I always said, and always will, that personally I go off first impressions too much. The 'good' first impression tends to be correct more often than not. But any bad impression I get at the start, can tend to put up a barrier, and prevent knowing the true person who stands before me.

On that note... to the person who has my concerns at the moment, take care, laugh, smile and cry. But always listen to those who truly care for you. Remember, those we can seek to help us through difficult times, need not always be the ones who stand before us.

Bloody hell......who started that topic ??? Must be the dark side of nightshift. Sat here posting a post that even has me confused, let alone you folk who look in from the outside. Still in me shorty jim jams. The ones with the rather fetching tartan patterned shorts, worn in honour of our friends from over the border. I wonder if they had these on the film set of 'Highlander'

Well that's it for now. One tired and twisty nightshifter off to shower........Jim jams will be carefully folded and placed on radiator for overnight warming, to aid comfy sleep in the morning.

Rule of thumb............A warm haggis = a good kip

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monster has left the building...

Well the first nightshift went by with little problems. Straight foreward jobs and no real headaches. Knowing tonight's job that's due for completion, the shift from hell may be upon us.
Get a new workmate to train next week. Seems he's going to be a long term partner, so the order to pass on my many skills has been given.....give us a month and he'll be proficient in the art of operating the oven during breaks, making the sausage sandwiches on a Friday morning, having the odd walkabout around the site with paper in hand, to look like he's busy....and getting away with it. I'll have to keep a few skills to myself, just for emergencies......No comments Fred and Ally.

Monster phoned around 4.30 ish wanting to come around, so it was off for petrol, then a detour to collect her. The other half got a call yesterday asking if she fancied starting back at the last company she worked for. Not the department she was unhappy in, but the first department she enjoyed. Sounded good till she mentioned the fact that it might involve 3 shifts in the near future. She decided to start today, and just see what happens.

Had a lie in today, the gym'll still be there tomorrow afternoon no doubt. As will the robotic personal trainers...."I want your money...BEEP BEEP" Tick & Tock have nothing on them.

Well it's an hour before hell, so I'll sign off with a "bye bye", and a "catch ya later"

Hopefully better posts can be dull.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gobby Gabbly

Just been messing around with this thingy, and at first glance seems quite interesting. Seems you just type before any web site address, and the gabbly chat box appears enabling you to talk with any other members who happen to be on the site at that time. Now I know it's early days, but every site I tried, I ended up the only one online. I know I talk to myself, but I think it'll be better once there's more members.

Been a restful day today, especially after the visit from the 'angel' on Thursday night. The gym visit was enjoyable, if a little quiet. Seems the only other poor sods training were hotel guests, and the lounge area seemed to be full of women wrapped in white robes. Nothing wrong in that mind you, quite a nice site to walk in and witness the ladies trying to hide their modesty whilst sipping glasses of water................. Lovely. Quite looking forward to tomorrows gym visit. Might even comb me, not.

Fantastic to see Gretna stuff Dundee today, and end up in the Scottish cup final. Nice to see hard working lads succeed, rather than the multi-million pound babes that have it all... and more. Don't mention it to Freddie though.

The evil joker's deep inside,
the one the mind should try to hide.
The senseless thoughts of pain and fears
rip the soul that's drenched in tears.

Oh, before I forget.....I'm interested to know who the regular viewer is from Blackpool. Any chance of making a comment or sticking your thumb print in the guestbook. Next time I'm in Blackpool I might let you buy me a pint.......or three.....Freddie took us out for a lovely meal whilst in Canada, and Ally keeps begging me to let her buy me a few drinks when I flutter up yonder. Oh go on Ally, you can treat a vampire to a night out.....wings are stretched, and fangs are sharp.

I wonder which event would be a first on Orkney.....A visit from the un-dead, or Ally buying a round....I await the reply.

The one night I go online, Ally vanishes and bloody Freddie has guests. Now that's typical