Monday, February 27, 2006

Ta Freddie...

Me pressie came today, after winging it's way from Canada. Lots of goodies and a specially engraved keyfob with Joseph's photo on. Very nicely engraved, so much that it looks like a hologram. It now takes pride of place next to his brass token from the colliery, on my key ring.

Nice ending to one hell of a hectic shift. Machine refused to do as it was told, so received rather a lot of clouts with the hammer we keep near by, for such instances. Came out of work to find the car covered in a layer of ice, seems we're in for a bad few days of snow. I'll believe that when I see it. This time last year the view out the front looked like this...

Well the hot shower in the bathroom calls loud and clear, so I think I'll say goodnight and catch ya later.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Vertigo and bust...

Well, what a busy day. The 'Monster phone' came alive early this morning, with the normal call of "Grandaaaaaaaa, can I come round yours ?" Well this old one being a walkover, the answer of course was yes. A quick think of somewhere to go and off to pick her up. A quick turn around here, and we all set off for Washington Wetland centre. Maybe not the best time of year for such a visit, but Monster wanted to feed the birds, and she who must be obeyed, must be obeyed.
The journey up the A1 towards Newcastle grew into a ride to oblivion, what with the torrential rainfall and freezing temperature, another plan had to be hatched. Carols plan seemed to match mine, home in front of the fire, and kettle on. Well her plan involved the kettle, mine involved hitting the cold cans in the fridge. However, Monsters plan was to work out the nearest alternative to Washington, that fulfilled her needs. Guess what.......she worked out we were near the Metro Centre, and guess again as to what there is at the Metro centre.....Bloody Metroland.

Now don't get me wrong, Cheeky aint too old for the rides, but the number of flippin gangs of youths hanging around the place, far out numbers the minutes my patience I can stand before lift off. The language off them, the number who just push into queues, the scruffy ones who spit wherever they walk...I could go on and on, but I might sound like an old grump. No comments Ally or Fred.

Anyway, to cut a story short, we had two rides on the rollercoaster, two goes on the waltzer, Monster went on the air chairs ( the bloody operator wouldn't let me on), we cleaned the floor on the dodgems (Monster drove), Oh and she had a plate of chips, with a side portion of cheap Coke.

On the way home she asked to stay with us all night, and again we said yes. A quick game of bingo and a pizza later, she soon asked to go to bed......yes I said SHE ASKED to go to bed. The only demand was that I went with her. So to keep the peace I crawled alongside and settled down till she nodded off. Sleep seemed far from her mind, she wanted to know where we were going next time, and seeing as we bought her a new walking waterproof coat today, I promised to take her back up the Lakes, hopefully next weekend. I had a route planned anyway for her, but it involves a large cave to explore. As soon as I mentioned the cave she seemed to wake up and asked if she could use my head torch. No problem, I said, but she then wanted it on in bed, just to get some practice in.
I left her in bed fast asleep, and as you can see below, she's ready for any caving expedition.....head torch at the ready.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So ‘Little Monster’ wants a fight eh....Bring it on.

Seems this years competition might get nasty, he says as he searches the web for

Oh and Freddie, don't delete my texts, then try to make on I didn't send them to the correct number. We've all got your number baby..


and Ally has to be 666.5

Beware the 'devil dolls' from north of the border.

Shit, the time !!!............Bye X

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gonk halts MOT.....

Today's excitement came in the riveting form of taking the second car for it's medical, or should I say M.O.T. The fact that my nightshift beauty sleep was disturbed, made the garages free coffee machine very welcome.
The last M.O.T led to a rather excited mechanic pointing out that it had only done 1000 miles in the year since its last test, the words "Get a life mate" came to mind. But when the rather surly receptionist asked "have you been tampering with it Sir?" in one of those non funny sort of tones, the words "Careful mate" entered ones bonce.

However, this years little M.O.T. tale, revolves around the 'Red nose day' gonk hanging from the mirror.
After an hour of coffee and an endless supply of 'God our cars are good' magazines to peruse, The walk of death to the desk was upon me. "Right Sir, there's your Test fail certificate, there's your emissions results and there's your test pass certificate.....Now correct me if I'm wrong, but surely a fail and a pass without any work being done is rather unusual.
On questioning the FAIL, the explanation was given that maybe there was something either stuck on the windscreen, or hanging from the mirror. “Er, there's a smelly gonk hanging. "Well Sir, that would probably be the cause". "And the PASS ?" "The mechanic must have removed it, issued the PASS, then replaced it for you Sir."...............How bloody complicated.
The best bit was the fact that the new style certificate has a sticker attached to the bottom. "That's to go on the windscreen Sir, to remind you next year."

"But didn't you just say a sticker on the windscreen could mean it failed ?, Oh forget it.

.......and all this whilst replying to Freddies text....Garage calling Canada, come in Canada

Numan Microsite

Monday, February 20, 2006

Soon to be in hell...

Been a quiet weekend, no walking and no new pictures. Tonight is the first nightshift of the week, so you can imagine the bloody mood i'm in.
Been thinking of making the effort to get back into photography like when I was a wee nipper. Seems I soon lose interest with things these days. A concentrated effort is needed to get off this grass verge, and find a way back onto the road. I know what I mean if your a little perplexed.

Had a bit of good news yesterday. I won the lottery bonus ball at work. A roll over as well. I forgot it wasn't won last week. £70 will do nicely thank you. There'll be a few words tonight from the lads.....I won't wind them up, honest.
As we speak, a gift should be winging it's way here across the Atlantic, well if Freddies remembered to post it. Pity I can't get to it now and do the usual shake, prod, squeeze, sniff and rattle.....
....and tonight's prayer is - "Oh Lord, make me more mature when it comes to pressies. Amen"

Been thinking of Joseph a lot lately. Seems a need to be in touch is growing inside. Words that should have been spoken when they could have been received, are now just thoughts in a world that nobody knows. Even now, after all the years behind us, his advice and guidance is so importantly needed.

Maybe soon.

Well, one must get ready for work.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why the hell...

Ever wished you didn't say something. I make one comment on a post about me being mistaken for Mr Whiplash in a toilet, and bloody Freddie gets all excited. Oh, I'd better point anyone who doesn't know the story towards the 'belt up' post below. Don't want some leather clad hairy monster signing the guestbook with......"Lonely backside seeks whiplash".......

......Bloody hell Freddie, this is getting out of hand, so to speak.

Back to today. Spent the afternoon at the gym, whilst the other half spent the afternoon screaming at the TV as Man United got stuffed. Seems Freddies beloved pumpkin Steve, had the nerve to text and wind my clockwork half up over the score. Thanks Steve, I owe you one. Next time you fall into next doors hot tub I'll be the one laughing. Having said that, after last time, I think I'd better say nothing......I still don't know how I got up.

Did my usual 10,000 metres on the rower in 54 mins. Next rowing challenge might be the Atlantic. Will you be at the other end Freddie, with a cold lager ?.
Apart from the gym, today's been quiet. I knew I should have gone walking, but to be honest this morning I felt more like sucking a lemon than setting off for a walk. Waiting for the film now on Sky, so seeing as it's due on about now, I'd better make a move.

Right Freddie.....let's put this whiplash baby to sleep, I'm afraid I'll scream in my sleep "Whip me baby, one more time".....and she just might.

Either of you ladies got a spare belt ?

Belt up...

Quite a busy night last night, more 'bling' out than usual. Anyone who's spent a night in Bishop Auckland will know what I mean by the 'bling'. Seems most in 'Bish' have an insatiable appetite for Elizabeth Duke.
After a few pints and rather more passive smoking than I'd have liked, a visit to the wee wee house was needed. Percy was pointed and the porcelain was targeted, then a quick tuck in of shirt and tightening of belt was required. The result of the belt tightening was the bloody thing dropped to bits, and I mean dropped to bits. The metal buckle exploded into many pieces, scattering on the floor, and the pin thingy that goes through the holes shot across the floor and was last seen heading towards the door, making for a quick escape. I wouldn't care, but it was a genuine fake Armani from Turkey.
Now not to be discovered in the gents with belt in hand like some Mr whiplash, I quickly dumped it in the bin and returned to the bar. The night was spent pulling up me bloody trousers, and the odd comment by Bob as to how much weight I must have lost as he'd noticed I kept hoisting me strides up. "Yes Bob, the diet is working" cough...cough.

Well, looks like no walking today, we'll have to see what the day brings. Catch ya later then bloggers.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm here.

Evening bloggers, and non bloggers. Didn't post the last two nights as life never threw anything interesting in my direction.
Todays work rate seemed seemed to go a little mental, time just slipped past faster than the production speed wanted by the boss. Well Dave, (that's the boss) you've got no chance tomorrow of getting any records broke, Cheeky has 12 sausage buns to cook, with onions. Friday morning shift always has to include sausage buns, and I'm usually the chef. I don't mind cooking, but more importantly it's better than bloody working.
I remember one Friday mid-day leaving the factory at the end of shift to be met by Dave. "Off to play squash Chris ?", "Er, no, what gives you that idea ?"The bloody squash racquet sticking out of your rucksack stupid". Then the penny dropped, "it's me flipping griddle pan stupider". The look on his face was worth the weeks graft. "Bloody hell, there's only you that would get away with it" was his reply, as he continued into the factory shaking his head.

Did the gym routine today straight after work, and only two other members in at the time. They left after 15 mins or so, leaving me on me lonesome. Soon filled up mind you.
Came home to find out 'Little Monster' was soon to land round, and boy did she land with a bang.
After tea the monster had to be walked home, but as usual, half way she wanted a piggy back. I swear that kid's getting too heavy for piggy backs, my aching back proves it.

Off out with Bob tomorrow night, I think. Don't tend to plan for definite till at work tomorrow. Saturdays plans are being left open, weather or hangover permitting I might go walking. I fancy the dales again, but we'll see.
More photo's should follow after the weekend.
Toni called yesterday to tell us how much it's going to cost her just to move house. £2600 for legal expenses and stamp duty, bloody highway robbery if you ask me.

Early night tonight, been a long week, and one needs beauty sleep.

Oh, and congratulations to Shelley Rudman who won Britain's first medal at the Turin Winter Olympics when she took a surprise silver medal in the women's skeleton event today.
Rudman finished 1.23 seconds behind winner
Maya Pedersen, courtesy of a blazing second run.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tonight Matthew...

Well, another week of early shifts, and they aint getting any easier.
Not a bad day to be honest, steady workload in hell, and even the odd walkabout away from the job. Don't you just know it's going to be a short dull post, when the first topic is work. We're still a house of cards (See yesterday) but tonight they're all different. Seems the designs have been modified slightly, the last ones were the ones, but now they're not. So guess who's keeping out of it....

Received an unexpected e-mail last night from an old friend, not old as in old, just haven't been in touch for a while. Well to be honest it arrived on the 8th, but with MSN filling it under a different box, I didn't find it. Anyway my apology for not replying should be in your 'inbox', and hopefully not under 'trash'. The kind words about the blog, and general enquiries about the family were most appreciated. (Remember the washing in the garden, and the department

Harry's knees are now like medicine balls, or is it his balls are like his knees. Oh I forget now, but he's still got another month off work. Lazy little git. Seems he needs knee replacements, but he's been told he's too young. At 60 I'd have thought it the perfect time, to enable a few years of pain free movement. Not to wait till he's less able to move due to old age....Bloody national health.
Micks still off work with blood pressure, I think maybe he's flown over that nest. If I say "another lazy git", do I seem to radiate an aura of jealousy.

Well, jimjams are on, showering has been completed, and slumberland is calling.

Finaly, for the benefit of Ally on Orkney......" Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be....... Grumpy Vampire "

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I hear things in the silence
I see things in the night.
The voices call when I'm alone
I'm blind but fear my sight.

People come to meet me
They're here but never there.
My thoughts are here to warn me
My friends are here to share.

I seek the final answer
I seek to know the truth.
The child sheds tears inside my mind
For a fearful future youth.


Well, I made it to the gym today. After a rather labored spring from the pit this morning, I had to use a little more self willpower to get going. The driveway up to the gym and adjoining hotel was absolutely packed with parked cars, vans and anything else you can imagine parking. Now then, believe it or not, even I realized something was on at the hotel, but to my horror I was instructed by a young and rather frozen lad on car park duty, that it was a wedding exhibition. The bloody place was heaving with excited young ladies and rather nervous looking fathers, soon to be relieved of a few cheque book pages no doubt.
After doing the car park obstacle course It was a relief to enter a rather empty gym, and a totally empty rowing machine section. So it was off for the trans Atlantic rowing record, and a quick sly glance at the new lady, cough cough... a totally polite glance may I add.

Called round mams on the way back, she seems a lot better since she had her insulin reduced a few weeks ago. The thought of finding her on the floor in a coma again, wasn't very welcome.
Back home and on with the computer for a quick look around. Seems Freddie might think I've been avoiding her lately, well Freddie me darlin'. You don't get rid of a Cheeky that easily.

Tonight it's a house of cards, wedding invitations to be exact. Align, score and fold...align, score and fold....."yes dear, just leave me to it"
Bloody weddings, Nikkis wedding seems ages off, but maybe I'm just ignoring the fact that it's creeping up, fast.

Just been back into the weird world of Sausagenet, and actually it'll be nice to hear from the likes of Ally, Willow, Widow, Ian, Monk (I still call him Monk),Jules 1 2 or 3, Bill, Briz, Rabbit......oh they know who they all are, crazy all of em.
Yesterday some had a meet up, and maybe in the future they'll be a skinheaded vampire popping along, who knows.

So not much else to post about in the rather dull world of Cheeky.

Oh one little buddy popped online for a chat earlier. Me mate Hayden, Freddies nephew. Seems his wee memory might be a little less clear than he thinks. I recall when we played basketball at Freddies last Sept, I won. Yes I know it's hard to believe someone doubts that, but I'm sure I won. I also seem to remember he kicked me everytime I went to so gracefully take a shot at the shopping basket thingy. Now the little begger has the nerve to think he beat me.

Actually, I think maybe he did win one game, or was it two ??? Oh hell, go on I'll own up, he won hands down. Then had the cheek to drag me down the garden and make me lift him up on the wee seesaw, with his sister Leya sat on the other end may I add.
Well guys, next time there's two ice creams going to the winner......ME.

Be afraid kids, be very afraid. Cheeky's coming for revenge
(is this the time to wish I never said that)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Good evening bloggers

Well another days walk done, and a nice hot shower seems very tempting. Firstly I'll do today's blog then vanish under the steam from the shower head.
This morning we set of for Barnard Castle, without 'Little Monster' this week. Another moderately flat walk up Deepdale to the fishing lake, then returning back via Lartington and the Teesdale Way.
This morning the alarm seemed to go on forever, whilst the brain seemed to ignore the annoying beep forever. Tired, oh so tired, but I was determined to make the effort and get out into the fresh air. Fresh air ?.......bloody freezing outside. We arrived at Barnard Castle about 9.30 and soon were on our way.

The start of Deepdale can be rather wet, muddy and altogether a boggy mess. But this morning the frost made it easier under foot, but seemed to nip ones ears. Usually Deepdale is full of the sounds of children and families enjoying the woodland, but not today. The only sound this morning was the birds above or the odd rabbit dashing for cover as the shaven headed monster came on through. We kept hearing a woodpecker farther up in the woods, and someone who shall remain nameless, said that Bill Oddie recommended knocking a tree to attract woodpeckers closer. Guess who knocked the tree like a right idiot, to be confronted by.........NOTHING. The woodpecker carried on knocking, and probably was doing the bird version of morse code..Im sure the pattern of knocks it did spelt out "Look at that prat down there knocking that tree with his knife"

The woods were quite eerie being so silent, Blair Witch came to mind more than once. The track comes out at the fishing lake, and at the fishing lake the tea and sandwiches come out. The problem of stopping this time of year is the cold weather. The wind blowing off the lake was nithering, so after a short break we continued.

Lartington is a pretty dales village, and the track takes you past Lartington Hall, another gem of the dales.
The old railway line seems to be kept closed. Years ago it seemed to be used more as a footpath, but now it seems as though they try to keep you off it. We therefore continued under the track and across fields full of those bloody nosy bags of wool we call sheep. Dales sheep seem harder than your normal sheep sheep, these don't tend to move when you come across them.
Joining the Teesdale Way we headed back to 'Barny' and came across a riverside smallholding, they had free range eggs in a basket outside the gate, with a note asking for donations for the eggs. Money was going to the local hospital in Darlington. Why can't we all have trust like that, if that was nearer the town the eggs would most likely be stolen and the money definitely.
We called for a pint in a pub that I'm sure time has forgot and eventually made our way to the car for a slow drive home, and a nice chicken curry homemade by oneself.

Well I feel the shower is needed, and that's where I'm off. I added some photographs from today onto the flickR thingy in the side bar to the right. Didn't take many, I tend to think one Dale looks like the rest. Tomorrow morning I'll have to go to the gym, as yesterday morning passed by so quick I didn't make it.

So till the next time, take care and don't do anything Cheeky wouldn't.

Before I do go, Look here and help this guy win a bet

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Touring the Angel

Looks like the Touring Angel is well on her way. The tour schedule seems to be growing continuously. How bands keep up the nightly performances week after week beats me.
I need a weeks rest after a two week vacation. Suppose they don't have to cart all the gear with them, but still, must be draining.

Lovely day here, sun's out and wind's died down. Last night coming home after work was flippin' freezing. Lovely clear night sky, just brass monkey weather.
No gym today, just work. Thursday, and what a nice feeling to think there's only Friday left before the weekend. In fact thinking of the weekend I think me boots still need cleaning. Put them away to dry and forgot to clean them. Ahhhh stuff it, a quick brush down and i'll clean them after Saturday's walk.

Don't you find morning TV bloody agonizing. There's someone on now wanting to find a house in the region of £450,000, and when they complain about the decor...Pah, makes you wanna shout at the TV "Try decorating Luv, after you've spent your £450,000. Wait till I get me million, you might even see a Cheeky on one of thosprogramses. Complaining about the height of the pile on the living room carpet. Oh, and don't they always say "The houses are very nice, but we don't feel the area is us"........Why bloody go on the program then, try an estate agent next time.

Well that's the morning rant out of the way. Better get off and get sorted.

Before I go..........

Mighty Mouse

Three mice are sitting at a bar in a pretty rough neighborhood late at night trying to impress each other about how tough they are. The first mouse orders a scotch, gulps it down and slams the glass on the bar. He turns to the second mouse and says, "When I see a mousetrap, I lie on my back and set it off with my foot. When the bar comes down, I catch it in my teeth, bench press it 20 times to work up an appetite, and then make off with the cheese."
The second mouse orders two shots of bourbon, slams them down and nearly breaks the glasses on the bar. He turns to the first mouse and replies, "Yeah, well, when I see rat poison, I collect as much as I can, take it home, grind it into a powder, and add it to my coffee each morning so I can get a good buzz going for the rest of the day."
The first mouse and the second mouse then turn to the third mouse. The third mouse lets out a long sigh and says to the first two, "I don't have time for this bullshit. I gotta go home and screw the cat."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A father asked his young son if he knew about the birds and the bees.

"I don't want to know!" the boy exploded, bursting into tears.

Confused, his father asked the youngster what was wrong.

"Oh pop," the boy sobbed, "for me there was no santa claus at age six, no Easter bunny at age seven, no tooth fairy at age eight and no stork at ten.

and if you're telling me now that grownups don't really shag, I've got nothing left to believe in!"

Going mad ???

Had another of those weird sort of nights at work, the kind that seem to be getting more regular lately. I can work away and everything seems normal, then now and then something catches my attention out the corner of my eye. A swift turn of the head reveals nothing out of the ordinary, but shortly after it happens again. Whenever I get a sudden flicker to one side and turn, nothing. However, if I keep looking in the direction I was before the distraction, I seem to think I can see figures walking around. Not slow movements, but as if people are going about their business in a normal manner. I look, and nothing. Weird eh, must be easily explained.
You know those floating bits in your eye when you look at the back of your eye lid, well maybe it's that or something like that......Or maybe not.

Apart from that, had quite a normal day. Gym this morning for a couple of hours, a quick trip over town and a quicker look around the blog world before work.
Had an email from Rosa of the Yummy yums site, why not go and check it out, some great ideas for grub. And let's be honest, any grub idea is a good idea..... if you ask me.
Looks like Saturday might be another walking day, so I'll have a think of a route. Maybe not over the Lakes this week. The drive over and back seems to getting more of a pain in the buttocks the more I do it. When the better weather arrives, an overnight stay in the Lakes brings a welcome break, but Winter months we tend to come back the same day.
Might have a look over Osmotherley, but then again we might not.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Just another of those quick 'I don't know what to write' posts. Seems the only time inspiration surfaces, is when the weekend is upon us. Mick's off work for a further two weeks, so muggins here has to run the machine. Harry's knees are up like balloons, so he's got a further month off, Bob says it's getting harder day by day to find the energy to go to work....what's going on ? Seems it might be the post Christmas blues kicking in.
Having put the FlickR thingy on the blog, I still feel the Cheeky Pictures blog might stay, doing no harm I suppose. Speaking of Cheeky pictures, I put some of Saturdays pictures on, just so that anyone who hasn't seen Eggs is Eggs, might still pop by.
Other blogs seem quiet too, maybe this daily posting isn't as easy as I thought.
Making plans to walk again this weekend coming, so if all's well I should have more photos and tales to tell. Monsters blog has been updated. She does like to show it off to friends, but at the moment she hasn't access to post herself. At 6 years old I think a little more time and she'll be on her own, blogging.......and when she is, may the Lord help us.

Better get off now and make dinner before work, only jacket potato and tuna, so no problems there.

Catch ya all later....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tim Dry

Remember the robotic duo 'Tik & Tok' in the early 80's, remember the girl dance troupe 'Shock' ?.
Well, the creative talent behind these and other projects is Tim Dry.

Visit his site for more imaginative artwork

My thanks to Tim for allowing the use of his artwork on the blog, and highlighting the spelling mistake I made on the first post............ How embarrassing. Repeat after me "I must double check before publishing"

7 Deadly Sins

Artwork by Tim Dry.


The morning after

A good nights sleep, and a few aches this morning. The old pins must be tired after the walk. Monster rang earlier wanting her gloves she left last night, seems she doesn't ache seeing as she's going flipping horse riding. I take it 'Desmond of Derwent' hasn't put her of the creatures of the countryside.

Off to the gym shortly, so i'll maybe put a longer post on later. I'll see if aches and excercise go together. You might hear the creaks and groans from where you are.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Derwent Walk Photos

Well todays walk went well, really well in fact. Weather was lovely, little misty, but made some good photographs. Some of the pictures are on th FlickR thingybob at the top right of the blog.
As you can see in the pics, 'Little Monster' came along for the day, she did really well on the walk, and with a little help of chocolate cake near the end, got back to Keswick in good time. Bless her cotton socks though, she was rather tired. The old saying of, "the ends just around the next corner" was used a few times, but she really did well. I'm shattered too, and to be honest only blogging to put some of the pictures on.

My favourite has to be Monster on the jetty or pier, depending where you come from. The mist on the lake tended to bring the best out of the picture, that's my opinion anyway. Please take a peek at the few pictures I posted in flickR. I am rather pleased with how some turned out. Not a headless person in sight.

I'll have to catch ya all tomorrow.........shower and bed call.....X

Friday, February 03, 2006

Thanks Ally

Thanks for the picture Ally
I do remember the night it was taken, very well.
Thats me in the middle. I remember Bob on the left was drinking blood like myself. Harry on the right was on plasma.
So the round all night was two bloods and a blood light.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey it worked

Just added a flickr trial thingy. Seems to work, so tomorrow i'll have to add more photos, lots more. God, I could be a puter programmer...NOT.

Forgot to say

Seems the guestbook isn't as popular as I hoped, maybe no one loves a grumpy vampire. Still, I'll give it a little longer. If anyone reads this, I would like to know a little bit about your blog or site. I don't bite, well not during daylight hours.

Nearly Friday.. Yippee

Evening, just been looking around some of the many weird and wonderful blogs, I noticed some have photographs in a little viewing box from flickr. I like the fact that my pictures would be accessed from here rather than just another blog. Well I think that's what it does. The one I saw had a small selection of photographs, and on clicking it opens up to full size pics. I'll have to have a look and see just how difficult/easy it is to get it onto the blog. Any help would be appreciated.
I think this is where Lupin comes in, but I daren't ask. One doesn't want to seem a pest, does one.

I wonder if you've been looking at the Yahoo award page ? Now there's some people with too much time. Well that's not fair, more like fantastic imaginations To say "too much time" must be a slight overflow of jealousy dripping from ones bottom lip. I'd love to be able to create the likes of such masterpieces in the wonderful web world. But no, all I have is an 'Eggs is Eggs' blog and the Joseph Simpson one. I did create monster her own blog, but as most 6 year olds, she has so much to do, blogging is only a minor part of her little, exciting life. Oh, there's the Cheeky Pictures blog, but that might go soon if I get this flickr thingy I want.

Nice to see the buddy blogs are still going strong. Lupin seems to be a constant web creator, don't you hate it when people do so well, at something you get bloody stuck at....joke. Fred seems to be well into sharing her days routine of work and family life, with a small slice of havin a go at a Chee. And the goat fearing Ally, seems to enjoy sharing daily thoughts of wisdom, from the depths of her wee bonce. Seems they breed em well 'up yonder'. Allys that is, not the goats.

Well rather than sit here till the last minute as I have been doing lately, I'm going to sign off and get sorted for the last 8 hour nightshift this week. Friday's shift is only 6 till midnight, so plenty of time to get beauty sleep before Saturdays walk over the Lake District. Oh I didn't tell you did I, Saturday I'm off over the lakes for the first Cumbrian walk this year. Only a nice flat one around Derwent water, but hey, it's only the start of February. I'll get some photographs hopefully, and maybe put them on my new flickr thingy, if i've worked it out by then.

Cheerio for now. Hey Stupid, yes you Freddie. I'll be in touch in a few hours if your around.
Oh the joys of Trans Atlantic eye spy during nightshift.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Please God.......No

What the hell's going on ?. Not only has a Cheeky blogger been created, but now there's a rumble in the blog jungle of people moving into 'Spaces', 'My Spaces' to be more precise. Now let's get one thing straight, I aint any 'puter programmer', in fact some question I'm alive (yes you Ally ), but this bloggin lark is quite enough for a poor wee Chee'. I start to get the hang of one thing, and then it looks like me mates are abandoning the undead for the land of 'Spaces'

Calm down Cheeky, calm down....deeeeeeep breaths. innnnnnnn......oooooooout, innnnnnnnn......oooooooout. Repeat after me, "I am a blogger only....I will not space. I am a blogger only....I will not space"

Lupin, you have a lot to answer for.

Well back down to the level of the undead, I slept in a little today, up at 1.30 and off to the gym. Had me bag packed ready in the car from last night. See, ladies...we gentlemen can be organised. Oh. er, forgot me mp3 player though. Yes ladies, maybe your right.
Seems our new gym manager or manageress (I haven't worked out who's going to be the permanent one) have been busy overnight replacing all the locks on the lockers with new gadgets. Gadgets that need a padlock to be inserted for locking of said door......And padlocks that we have to bloody buy. Mines going to work tonight, because someone, who shall remain nameless (no I won't admit it's me) keeps forgetting his keys. The fact that the padlock has a combination number to remember, might just create another problem though.
Yes ladies, again your right. We bloke bloggers couldn't organise a pee in a pisspot.

I see Ally has left a comment in the last post, nice to hear from me buddy from 'up yonder'. Might have to make that trip up I promised, eh Ally. (is that the Orkney breeze blowing the bedroom curtains Ally ?. I wonder....

Well again one must dash, the call of the night is upon us. The undead must make his move towards the darkness....with his bottle of milk for his 'cocoa pops' at break time.

Catch ya later folks...X