Friday, December 29, 2006

One more gone.

Well another one bites the dust...Christmas that is.
The usual visiting, receiving visitors, scary pressies, even more scarier kids going hyper, then the usual cry from the little ones on Xmas day night "I'm bored".

It's been a strange sort of festive season this year. A time I don't normally relish, but this year things haven't been too bad. I think the worst thing has to be Mam. We had Xmas lunch with her and took her out yesterday, but somethings not right. Since her stroke she seems to be getting very bitter towards things. I think frustration towards her lack of walking freedom and left hand movement is getting to her. In the car yesterday she went silent in the back, I knew something wasn't right, but to be honest again it wasn't her diabetes. We had coffee and a bite to eat as soon as we got to our destination and she seemed OK, but again on returning home she just went silent, not Mam. I fear she's feeling depressed and trapped at home, and to be honest it's breaking me up. I think the better weather might help, and lighter nights. But it just seems a long way off right now.

Going to take Alisons worktops tomorrow, the kids should be there so I'm looking foreword to that job. Eve is one of those girls who gets better day by day. Quiet, polite and a joy. Sam is just plain Sam. Everyday he seems to get more and more like little devil, but as with Eve, a joy to be around.

The rains driving against the windows as I type, so looks like a bad forecast for the weekend....No surprise there then.

Till next time X

Sunday, December 24, 2006

No more Santa...please

Well I did manage to do a quick post. The day started with a rather late rise from the grave, a quick shower and shave and a lovely visit from Lleanne and Gip. Yes you spell Gip with a G, not a J as I thought. For those who don't know Gip is the scruffy dog up the street who seems to have adopted me as his main walking companion.
Lleanne and Gip brought me a bottle of wine for all the walks and treats I've given to scruff I mean Gip, and Little monster also got a Xmas gift, a gift she hasn't decided what it is after all the shaking, squeezing and sniffing, but a gift she was overjoyed to receive.
Carol and I gave Gip a walk after lunch, we had to check on Tonis house and cat (shit bag, but don't tell Carol I call him that). Anyway, as Gip and cats don't get on, he stayed outside and Mags stayed in. The sight of them both looking at each other through the window brought thoughts of WW3, but kept apart things were kept at a stalemate.....sort of.

Tonight was Eves' birthday, my cousins daughter who also happens to be my God daughter. We received a call from 'Monster' to ask if she could come with us to give Eve her presents. Now don't get me wrong, but I'm sure the fact that Santa was visiting the street on the council sleigh (open backed van) gave her the incentive to come. She was as good as gold, even to the point of helping Eve and Sam open their presents without twisting about not getting hers.

I think Mam enjoyed the visitors tonight. I always think she must be lonely on her own, but to be honest that was her choice so by now she must be happy with her situation.

Anyway we all saw Santa, watched Sam and Eve open their gifts, and got back home so Lauren could see Santa again....Oh, and got back to Laurens house before 7pm so she could see Santa for the third time. I'm sure the fact that he gave sweets out made a difference.

Well we finally got home after visiting Gip again, God that dog has us all in his grasp.
Well after a few drinks during the day, I feel the call of the duvet, and to be honest the call gets stronger every year.

May I again take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Xmas and a very prosperous New Year. Oh, and to Freddie I would like to say "when the lottery win comes up, I'll be on the first plane" we can let Steve and Carol fight it out for the loose change.

Till next time....XXX

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy as a Xmas tree...

Well, 'Little Monster stayed over last night. She even stayed awake till midnight, and a good job since Carol was picking me and Bob up after a night out. Last time I got a text saying 'Monster' had fallen asleep so could we get a taxi....but last night she managed to keep her peepers open.

This morning started with 'Monster' climbing into our bed, kissing me on the head, and stating she loved me.....but in a state of a slight hangover, she didn't get the reply she expected.

To get her to get dressed quickly, I said we would take Jip for a walk. It's amazing how she can turn on the speed when somethings coming that interests her. Jip came down to our house, and I must say ate the cat food first, before we all set off for a walk.
Down the burn 'Monster' said she heard a funny noise. Then again she shushed me and listened at a loud hollow rattle. On pointing out to her it was a woodpecker, she took off to search for Woody.
We did eventually find the little bird, but to be honest I think 'Monster was a little disappointed. A bird more like the cartoon would have been better, I feel.

We returned home, dropped off Jip and with Carol made our way to Darlington for a spot of shopping.
Now don't get me wrong, I can take a quick shop around a supermarket fine.....but when it involves buying a singing walking Christmas tree in the sale, well that's a different matter. The bloody tree sang in our trolley up and down every aisle, through the checkout and into the car park. I must admit the checkout girl had a look of "Oh God, not another of those trees". Didn't bother 'Monster though. Whenever it stopped she pressed its trunk, and away it went for another rendition of "I'm as happy as a *ucking Christmas tree". The *ucking wasn't the actual word it used, I just added that to express my feelings towards such an annoying little tree.

"Monster was dropped off at her home (Thank the Lord), and Carol and I made our way back to a nice fire. The problem being Jip appeared from an open front door, and just gave me that "Take me for a walk" look. So yes, after putting the shopping away we set off again.
The problem at night though is the fact that Jip's black, and to take him through the woods wasn't the best idea I've had. Firstly seeing him is impossible, and second the woods are pretty eerie in the dark. With rather large maglight torch in hand, Jip and I survived all the beasties and bogglies to return home safe and sound.

The Saturday night curry had to be made and the wine uncorked, which I must say led to Carol giving it Zzzzzzz's on the sofa within the hour. So an early night seems on the cards. I'm not complaining though. I think tomorrow's going to be a busy day. It's Eve's birthday tomorrow (hence the name) so we have to call at Mams to see the gang, and Santa as he makes his usual yearly trip around town. I just hope his driver is a little better than two years ago. As we all waved and the kids cheered, he reversed the bloody 'Santa lorry' and knocked over a lamp post. To hear the kids cry in shock that Santa had knocked over a lamp post, was pure joy.

Right that's it for todays post. If I don't get on before Christmas I'd like to wish anyone reading this, a very merry Christmas. All my friends and family I wish good health and happiness.

I just pray next year is better than this year's been.

Till next time........ Bog off X

But first on earth, as Vampyre sent,

Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent;

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet, which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse,

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oy you, yes you.....Freddie

No you bloody can't open the parcel

Might frighten Santa.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bah Bloody Humbug...

Well, that's the most of the presents bought. I did the 'lonely lost man walk' yesterday around Newcastle. Why is it men don't seem to enjoy pressie buying. This shop, that shop, and the other shop. I could bloody scream.

I even had to sit down in the Tavern with a pint. I didn't really want to (zip it you two terriers) but one just had to relax for a while, before taking on the onslaught of women on a mission.

Back to work tomorrow for a shift, then it's off till the New Year.......yippee.

Seems daft I know, going back for one day, but the boss just couldn't do without me. Reckons I'm sooooo important. Well not quite, Charlie's off so some mug has to run the bloody machine to get the orders out before Xmas........

.......................and I'm the mug.

Monster's the usual hyped up kid before Xmas, spots the little envelopes on the tree with her name on every time she passes. Gets the same reply when she makes a move towards them as well....."Get yer mittens off"
If I hear her say "I'm just looking" one more time.....So God help me.

Oh Ally, I forgot the rope for the goat.

Till next time...X

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Calm down ladies, I'm still here.

Greetings oh blogworld. And before Freddie sticks her nose in, the picture's sleepy..not Dopey. Anyway it's 6 am, a day off work, and it's off for a bit of Xmas shopping later. First an hour in the gym just to wake up, and if ones brain wakes up maybe the rest will follow.

Just sent a bottle of wine to work this morning for Charlie. Seems he has to go back into his old department, so I'm losing another good workmate. It's been a pleasure working with him the past few months, so maybe a bottle of red will express my gratitude for his company better than words. I'm not the best at expressing emotions, as some of you can probably tell.

Been busy lately, even had to work 12 hours on Sunday. Mind you, it felt like 12 weeks. Harry filled in for Charlie, and with a heart of gold but a head of sawdust, it made the day seem longer. He's a canny bloke, but can be oh so dense. Anyway, that's why there's a little gap in the blog calendar. No doubt Ally and Freddie are whispering "The buggers gone again", and seeing the picture for me on Freddies blog has just reminded me I didn't reply to her text. Shit, there's another thump on our next meeting.

Oh, one quick question. Why the hell wont this beta blogger let me put hyperlinks in ?. I click the button and all I get is a blank box. A bit like when I want 'Little Monster' to do something, I just get this sort of blank expression, and a look that says "bog off and do it yourself".... hmm, kids.

Leave me alone, I'm having a moment

Well, one better make a dash for the gym, or one will never get there. Then it's off for Cheekys last Xmas shop. Anybody want anything before I go, well hurry and put your orders in. You've got all of two mins. No doubt the two highland terriers will have the last word here.
Till next time....X

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Short shift

Well, last nights shift lasted all of one hour. A quick phone call to mam resulted in no reply around 9.30pm. I dropped in on the way to work just to check and found her rather out of it. Fearing one of her diabetic funny turns I made her supper. All seemed fine and so I made my way to work. On the way I called on Carol who was leaving work at 10, and asked her to just check on mam just to be on the safe side. 11.30 at work Carol phoned to say she felt Mam might have had another stroke, the last thing we wanted. Poor Charlie was left in charge of the machine and I don't know who looked worse, him taking over or me wondering what I would find.
Mam was upstairs on the floor talking gibberish, and to be honest I should have checked her sugar level before calling the ambulance, but no....I called first and checked second. Seems the supper hadn't been sufficient, but too late, the ambulance was on its way. We got Mam pulled round, then when she started emphasising she wasn't going to hospital, and the way she told the paramedic to stop talking and listen to her, made it clear she was getting back to normal. I felt annoyed I'd called then ambulance before checking the sugar level, but I'm sure that after her last stroke the symptoms of her drop in sugar level are different. Still, she seemed ok today making her way around the supermarket ordering me to get this and that, and a few of the other.

Hmm, If only.....................

Alison called to ask if I could get her 3 kitchen worktops from work. Now tell me this Ally or Freddie, is it a women thing to wait till the last minute? the bloody kitchen gets fitted just after Xmas, she's had the samples two months and only now made her mind up which one she wants. We're not a shop, I have to make the flipping' things whilst making everything else at work. Just like Carol last year, telling me her car was due it's MOT the next day. I'm sure she thinks you pop into Woolworth's and buy the certificate.

Anyway, grumpy has to be off and prepare for the dreaded night shift. So if anyone's reading this I'll say "ta ta for now, and catch ya later alligator"

Let us fear the one who looks back from the mirror

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yep, still here...

Well my little computer, it's you and me again..

Come on then, give me some creative juices to spill. Oh bollocks, be like that.

So a second post in the space of 24 hours. Hmm, I wonder if any of the bloggers who used to visit, come back. Be a pity if the silence stayed for eternity.

Awoke from the nightshift slumber around 12.30 this afternoon, rain and wind lashing the windows. The urge to turn over and snuggle back down lost to the need to get down the gym. Seems my interests might be returning after all. Even Toni said yesterday at the gym, that we all need 'me time'. Maybe she's right, maybe a little 'time out' is just what I need.
The gym was surprisingly quiet today, the odd old dear practicing for the tour de France on the bikes, and the ever present wrinkly body builder trying to maybe impress the old dear, like he could years ago. Mp3 turned on, Ear plugs firmly embedded in ones canal, and off I went."

"The skinhead undead has entered the building"

Now didn't I say the treadmill was out of order..

I haven't seen Jip today. For those who don't know Jip is the streets dog. I say 'streets dog' as it seems he's adopted more than one family for walks. Kirsty found him a couple of years ago abandoned down the burn. she couldn't see him put down but at the same time didn't have enough room for him to stay. Karen and Jimmy next door agreed to take him until anyone came foreword. Investigations were made and Jips owners said they didn't want him, so hey presto Karen had a new member of the family.
Monster and I take him out whenever we can, the retired bloke over the road takes him out, Karen takes him out, he pops over the back fence and stops with the old lady till he feels like returning home, he slips in our kitchen when we're not looking and eats the cat food (to date, the cat hasn't been eaten), even the refuse collectors have bought him a reflective waistcoat and every week Jip jumps into the cab and gets a ride up the street. You have to laugh when you think about the taxes we pay for refuse collecting, and our lads are up the street playing football with Jip once a week. I'll have to get a photo for the blog of our street 'scruff'..In fact hold on and I'll put one on from my phone. Not very clear but you'll get the gist.

There he is, bless him.
Monster's the one on the right.

Well, for a second post in two days that's all your going to get. Nightshift calls so I'd better make tracks.

Before I go, I don't think I've posted any photos of Nikkis wedding. Well of course one of my favorites has to be Monster, she's on the left with Jordan on the right...

Till next time....X